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Since its debut in 2010, the iPad has become one of our core themes, making MacStories the premier destination for users who want to get work done on iPad and iOS.

Below, you’ll find a collection of our iPad stories through the years, presented alongside other productivity-focused topic archives.


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iPad Air Review: Forward-Looking

Federico’s review of the new 10.9” iPad Air, released in October 2020. Read it here.

A New Breed of Laptop

Federico’s review of the 2020 Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro. Read it here.

Modular Computer

A special story about Federico’s modern setup with the 2020 iPad Pro featuring a variety of USB accessories, keyboards, and more. Read it here.

iPad at 10

Our special series about the iPad’s 10th anniversary. You can find all stories in the series here.

Beyond the Tablet

A special story about the seven years Federico has been using an iPad as his main computer, up until iOS 12. Read it here.

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