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Distribute Your App to More Users With Setapp [WWDC Sponsor]

Developers have been clamoring for alternatives for the App Store since the beginning, frustrated by the commissions they pay Apple, shifting app review standards, and the lack of trial versions. The thing is, developers already have another fantastic way to distribute their apps.  It’s Setapp.

Check out Setapp today. Developed by the team at MacPaw and released in 2017, Setapp has been offering Mac, iOS, and web apps to users for one flat subscription price for five years. It’s a fantastic way to sell your apps and a terrific source of predictable monthly income for developers with a monthly commission that’s as low as 10%.

Everybody wins with Setapp. Developers have a simple, efficient way to distribute their apps, and users get hassle-free access to a hand-picked selection of over 240 of the very best apps made for macOS, iOS, and the web, including recent additions like Craft, Curio, VicCap, Replica, and PopClip.

For developers, Setapp makes it easy to get up and running quickly. They take care of payment processing, update mechanism, marketing, and support. When you offer your app through Setapp, you also get the benefit of their machine learning-based personalized app recommendation system, smart search, and curated collections, like Lifestyle, Creativity, Developer Tools, and Writing & Blogging.

With Setapp, developers enjoy 90% of the proceeds of user subscriptions. 70% is paid out based on how many people use a developer’s app, with the other 20% paid out based on which developers brought subscribers to Setapp. Moreover, developers can sell their apps anywhere else they’d like, including the App Store or their own website.

So, visit Setapp today to learn more about how it can expand your audience with customers who are looking for the best new ways to power their projects.

Our thanks to Setapp for sponsoring our WWDC coverage this year.

2023 Apple Design Award Winners Revealed

Two weeks ago, Apple announced the finalists for the 2023 Apple Design Awards: 36 apps and games in six categories: Inclusivity, Delight and Fun, Interaction, Social Impact, Visuals and Graphics, and Innovation.

Last evening, at an outdoor event on the stage built outside Caffè Macs for yesterday’s WWDC Keynote, the company announced two winners (one app and one game) in each category for a total of twelve 2023 Apple Design Award winners. Following the announcements, developers gathered in Caffè Macs for a reception and had a chance to see the Vision Pro for themselves at the Steve Jobs Theater.

Congratulations to all of this year’s Apple Design Award winners:


Delight and Fun


Social Impact

Visuals and Graphics


We’ll have more 2023 Apple Design Award coverage soon, so stay tuned.

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WWDC 2023: StandBy for iPhone

This fall, iOS 17 will introduce a brand new viewing mode for iPhone, but it will be quite familiar to most Apple Watch users. StandBy is enabled automatically when you turn your iPhone on its side while it’s charging, and functions nearly identically to Nightstand mode on the Apple Watch.

Nightstand mode has been around since all the way back in watchOS 2 (I covered it in my very first watchOS review in 2015), and exists as a way to view the time in the middle of the night just by bumping your nightstand while an Apple Watch is charging on it. Just like the new StandBy mode, the Apple Watch must be charging on its side, thus placing the screen at an ideal angle to be read from your bed without having to sit up or search for your device in the dark.

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WWDC 2023: A First Look at Messages in iOS 17

iOS 17 is coming this fall, and Apple has once again directed a significant amount of attention to one of the iPhone’s most popular apps: Messages. This year we’re getting another round of minor UI tweaks, most notably shifting the positioning of iMessage apps again: they will now pop up in a new full-screen overlay. The two-page overlay starts with your most frequently used iMessage apps, which is where you’ll find Camera and Photos. Swiping the first page up will reveal any further apps you have installed beyond your top six.

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WWDC 2023: Apple Publishes Keynote Video

Craig's form is even better this year.

Craig’s form is even better this year.

In a packed WWDC keynote, Apple raced through many impressive additions to their hardware and software lineup, including a new 15” MacBook Air, an upgraded Mac Studio, and an all-new Apple Silicon Mac Pro. Significant changes are coming to watchOS 10, and Widgets are getting super-powered across all major platforms. But the star of show came in a rare One More Thing-style announcement: the Apple Vision Pro.

We’ll be posting coverage on all this and more in the coming hours and days, but in the meantime you can see it all for yourself in the keynote video on Apple’s Events site or on YouTube.

Apple is also hosting the keynote presentation in higher quality on Apple Podcasts, where you can choose between video or audio versions.

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AppStories, Episode 332 - WWDC 2023: Final Thoughts and Predictions

This week on AppStories, we recorded our last-minute thoughts and predictions for WWDC before a live audience in the Club MacStories+ Discord community.

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On AppStories+, we answered questions from Club MacStories members.

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Last Week, on Club MacStories: Our WWDC Travel Home and Lock Screens and Ben McCarthy’s Development Desk Setup

Because Club MacStories now encompasses more than just newsletters, we’ve created a guide to the past week’s happenings:

MacStories Weekly: Issue 371

Ben McCarthy's Desk Setup.

Ben McCarthy’s Desk Setup.

iMazing: The Powerful Local Tool for iPhone and iPad Management [Sponsor]

iMazing is the must-have multi-tool for everyone who prefers or needs to manage iPhone or iPad devices locally from their Mac or PC.

Whether you’re an individual, family, small business, or enterprise, iMazing delivers powerful and easy-to-use solutions for working with your Apple mobile devices and their contents.

These features include:

  • backup iPhone or iPad to external storage or NAS volumes, with snapshot support (like TimeMachine for iOS devices)
  • browse the contents of old device backups; export any data from them
  • export or print SMS, MMS, iMessage, and WhatsApp messages, including attachments and metadata (great for memories or business purposes)
  • easily place a device in kiosk mode (use old iPads as photo frames or dedicated FaceTime devices)
  • create blueprints and bulk configure devices locally with iMazing Configurator
  • migrate your business from one MDM solution to another without losing any device data

iMazing also packs powerful media transfer capabilities, enabling you to browse and export photos and videos from your devices faster and with more options than Apple’s own Image Capture. iMazing can also export music and playlists from any Apple mobile device to your computer, so that special recording that only survives on your old iPod can be enjoyed elsewhere.

Many iMazing features are also available free of charge, including Spyware Analyzer and QuickTransfer, the faster way to transfer files from your computer to a device with just a single drag-and-drop.

iMazing provides the power and flexibility that pro users demand with the ease of use and flexible export features that all users will love. Try iMazing today for free by visiting their website and taking it for a spin.

Our thanks to iMazing for sponsoring MacStories this week.

MacStories Unwind: Travel Stories and Games


This week on MacStories Unwind, Federico and I share our preparations for traveling to California for WWDC, I recommend Laya’s Horizon, an iPhone game, and Federico has more thoughts on Tears of the Kingdom.

John’s Pick:

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