MacStories offers an exclusive and week-long sponsorship to advertise your product to our readers. There is only one sponsor per week.

Get in touch with John Voorhees to get more details about rates and availability.

Here's how it works:

  • At the beginning of the week, a sponsored post is published on MacStories' homepage and RSS feed. This includes a description of the product, with options for banner images.
  • You can provide your own copy for the post, or Federico can write it for you.
  • The sponsor gets a note at the top of the site – on every page – for the entire week.
  • A tweet is sent at the end of the week thanking the sponsor (from all our Twitter accounts, including Federico's).

    We've been working with sponsors for over 5 years now, and sponsorships are MacStories' primary business model. We'd love to work with you and promote great products to our readership.