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MacStories is a weblog with daily coverage of all things Apple.

Founded by Federico Viticci in April 2009, MacStories attracts millions of readers every month thanks to in-depth, personal, and informed coverage that aims at offering a balanced mix of industry news, software reviews, and opinion. In six years, MacStories has become one of the leading publications in the Apple-related scene, with staff members based in the United States, Italy, and Australia working to bring quality content to a growing global readership.

Since last year, the MacStories team has also been publishing MacStories Weekly, a weekly newsletter with a curated selection of app collections, great reads, tips & tricks, and more. You can subscribe here and browse the complete archive here.

MacStories’ audience includes creative, professional, and tech-savvy readers who care about quality software designed for Macs, iOS devices, and the web, as well as detailed reviews, editorials, and tutorials.

The MacStories Team

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