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About MacStories

MacStories is a daily publication about all things Apple.

Founded by Federico Viticci in April 2009, MacStories attracts millions of readers every month thanks to in-depth, personal, and informed coverage that offers a balanced mix of Apple news, app reviews, and opinion. In nine years, MacStories has become one of the leading publications in the Apple-related scene, with staff members based in the United States and Italy working to bring quality content to a growing global readership.

MacStories’ audience includes creative, professional, and tech-savvy readers who care about quality software designed for Macs, iOS devices, and the web, as well as detailed reviews, editorials, and tutorials.

Club MacStories

Since September 2015, the MacStories team has also been producing Club MacStories, a members-only subscription service to get access to exclusive perks such as a weekly newsletter, free downloads, and app giveaways.

Club MacStories' weekly newsletter, MacStories Weekly, combines in-depth app coverage with advanced iOS workflows, tips and tricks, and longform interviews – and it's read by thousands of members every week. In less than three years, Club MacStories has delivered over 150 newsletters to its members.

You can read more about Club MacStories and sign up at $5/month here. A free sample issue of MacStories Weekly is available here.

New members get access to all previous issues of the newsletters and free downloads; Apple Pay is available as a signup option as well.


MacStories offers a full-text (non-truncated) RSS feed to read every story in a standard RSS client. The site's main content feed is also available in JSON Feed format.

Every MacStories article is shared on our Twitter account @MacStoriesNet.

MacStories' homepage features a mix of regular and "linked" posts. Linked posts are special posts that are usually shorter and use their headline as a link to an interesting story or product. If you only want to subscribe to regular MacStories posts, an articles-only feed is available.

Furthermore, any category, author, or tag page on MacStories can be turned into a dedicated RSS feed by appending /feed/ to its URL. Here are a few examples of special news hubs and categories that are available as standalone RSS feeds:

The MacStories Team

You can contact the MacStories team by clicking on the Contact button in the top navigation or by using our Tips email address: