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MacStories Unwind

MacStories Unwind is a weekly review of everything MacStories and more. Each week, Federico and John cover the reviews, stories, and other happenings on MacStories, the topics covered on our podcast AppStories, and what’s new with Club MacStories. As the name suggests, MacStories Unwind is also a place for us to share our other interests. Just in time to unwind for the weekend, we each recommend something special we’ve been enjoying whether it’s a book, movie, TV show, music, video game, or other media.

MacStories Unwind is available in the Apple Podcasts app or you can subscribe in Overcast, Pocket Casts, or another podcast player with the Unwind feed. The full archive of Unwind episodes is also available at

Published every Friday morning US time, MacStories Unwind isn’t just a recap of the week gone by either. Instead, think of it as a short-form audio guide. Coupled with detailed show notes, you can easily move from the highlights discussed on the show to learn more about what interests you most. Whether you’re behind on what’s been happening at MacStories or just prefer an audio overview to help lead the way, MacStories Unwind will rewind the week and set up your weekend for relaxation.

Enjoy the show!

– Federico and John