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Happy 3rd Birthday, MacStories!

Three years ago, I started MacStories because I didn’t have a job. Along the way, the “hobby” became a new job in itself, and it now allows me to run a site read by millions of people every month. More importantly, the site has allowed me to get to know some amazing people: my co-workers, developers and designers, and you, our readers.

Three years is not an incredible milestone. Yet, because April 20, 2009, feels so distant to us, I thought it would be appropriate to quickly look back at things we’ve done, and lay out a foundation for the plans we’re excited to execute in the future.

We’re not perfect. We have been guilty of focusing too much on “quick” news reporting and speculation about Apple in the past years, and, in retrospect, I think we could have handled some things differently. But I also like to look at this differently: along the way, we’ve found our style. It’s not perfect, but at least it’s what we love to do. It’s the very notion of “getting better” that implies starting from somewhere. And if not everyone will agree that the articles we publish today are better than the ones from 2009, we are surely happier with the words we post in 2012.

On a personal note, I want to thank the MacStories team for allowing me to turn a passion into my dream job. Cody, Chris, Graham, Don, and the most recent additions to the crew, Gabe and Lukas, are amazing colleagues and, more importantly, friends that, like me, share a common goal: to write about the devices and software we love, and the ecosystem of stories and people around them.

As a team, we’d like to thank you, our readers, for showing up every day and allowing us, with your opinions and support, to run MacStories exactly the way we want to: with passion and a shared sentiment that, ultimately, people are always interested in a good story.

We want to keep bringing you the news, reviews, stories and everything in between that you’re now used to seeing on MacStories. In three years, we hope to be able to look back at this article, and say that we’ve gotten “better”.

We hope to have as much fun along the way as we have had in the past three years. That’s why we created a small list of the stuff we’re proud of (you can find it below): to remember we had fun, but that we can also do better.

It’s our goal to make MacStories a better site in every aspect: more readable, with more quality content, more stories, and new options for our readers to enjoy our articles on any device. We’ll be making some changes to the site soon, and we hope you’ll enjoy them.

Thanks for reading MacStories. Here’s to the next three years, starting today.

- Federico

Our first post, and original logo from 2009:

And our version 2.0 design for 2009-2010:


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