This review wouldn’t have been possible without the help, feedback, and existence of the following people, animals, beverages, and pieces of software:

  • My girlfriend Silvia, for her patience, love, and design skills
  • My two dogs, who are adorable
  • Alessandro Vendruscolo, who squashed many bugs and brought this web layout to life
  • John Voorhees
  • Graham Spencer
  • Brett Terpstra
  • Myke Hurley
  • Stephen Hackett
  • Frank Towers, who created 1-2-3 Trip Planner (don’t tell developer Myke Hurley, though)
  • CGP Grey
  • Jeremy Burge
  • _David Smith
  • Casey Liss
  • John Gruber
  • Diego Petrucci
  • Workflow, Pythonista, Scrivener, iThoughts, and Editorial – essential apps that helped me create this story
  • Sketch and Meng To’s Angle Mockups
  • Every app developer who sent me betas
  • Every engineer at Apple who always makes reviewing iOS each summer fun
  • @TiccisEspresso, for a daily dose of energy
  • Every Club MacStories member
  • And finally, every MacStories reader, for allowing me to do what I love. Thank you.

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