This review wouldn’t have been possible without the help, feedback, and existence of the following people, animals, beverages, and apps:

  • My girlfriend Silvia, for her patience, love, design skills, photos and videos, and wisdom
  • Brian King, for bringing this review to life with his amazing animations and 3D graphics
  • Ryan Christoffel, for his superb editing skills and incredible patience
  • John Voorhees, a friend and amazing colleague
  • Alex Guyot, for his work at MacStories and help this summer
  • Zelda and Ginger, for keeping me company while I was writing the review
  • Brett Terpstra
  • Alessandro Vendruscolo, who made the web layout happen (again)
  • Simon Støvring, for helping me with JavaScript and saving me dozens of hours with Scriptable
  • Finn Voorhees, who wrote my custom image upload scripts
  • James Thomson
  • Myke Hurley
  • Stephen Hackett
  • iA Writer, Drafts, Working Copy, Timery, Shortcuts, and MindNode – essential apps that helped me create this story
  • Every app developer who sent me betas during the summer
  • Every engineer at Apple who always makes reviewing iOS (and now iPadOS!) each summer fun
    – The Workflow team, for still staying hungry and foolish
  • @TiccisEspresso – more than ever, I couldn’t have done this without your daily assistance
  • Every Club MacStories member

And finally, every MacStories reader, for allowing me to keep doing what I love. Thank you.

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