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Apple Cuts The Minimum iAd Buy In Half

Now that the first run of iAd campaigns has concluded, AllThingsD is reporting that Apple has decided to cut the minimum required spending in half from a steep $1 million to $500,000. The change has presumably been made because whilst it has been reasonably successful, the number of ads being presented and filling ad spots actually decreased this year. As a result Apple may be wanting to attract some smaller scale advertisers which couldn’t afford to enter the platform previously and fill those ad spots.

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Advertisers Not Happy About Apple’s iAds?

Months after the introduction of Apple’s iAd advertising platform, it looks like advertisers aren’t happy about the service at all. According to a report posted by TechCrunch, many developers have noticed a massive slowdown in iAd’s fill rates recently, especially after the New Year:

The fill rate—what percentage of the ad inventory is actually filled with an ad—for two separate developers plummeted from 18 percent to 6 percent. And in a few instances for some newer apps, none of the ad slots were getting filled, compared to nearly complete fill rates from other mobile ad networks.

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Apple Launches iAd Producer - HTML & CSS Layout App for iAds

A few minutes ago Apple launched a new app for the Mac called iAd Producer which is aimed at developers and designers willing to create visually rich, interactive iAds. iAd Producer “automatically manages the HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript behind your iAd” and also offers advanced Javascript editing and debugging.

iAd Producer is available for download on Apple’s developer website and it requires Mac OS X 10.6.5, Safari 5 and iOS SDK 4.0. A user guide is available here. Read more

Lynx Joining European iAds Next Week

Even though I still haven’t managed to see the popular Renault iAd in any app (yet I grabbed some screenshots of the Tron one yesterday), it looks like Apple keeps on signing advertisers for its European iAd service.

According to MarketingWeek, Unilever’s Lynx Excite (a body spray) will go live with a “fresh” new campaign on Apple’s iAd next week. We assume it’ll be an iPhone campaign, as the one Disney launched for Tron on the iPad was a “demo” of interactive advertisements to come on the tablet in 2011. You may remember Unilever was one of the partners Apple mentioned when they announced iAds were coming to Europe. Read more

The First iAd for iPad Is Coming This Afternoon [Update: Screenshots]

According to AdAge, Apple will launch its first iAd for the iPad later today. The iAd will feature Disney’s blockbuster movie “Tron Legacy” and, according to an Apple spokesperson, it’ll be the only iAd to appear on the tablet this year.

The format, designed to maximize the ad potential of Apple’s tablet computer, will be launched widely in early 2011 when other ads start flowing onto the platform.

Like its iPhone and iPod Touch predecessors, the first iPad iAd is chock-full of the rich graphics, touch navigation and video native to apps.

The full-screen ad will allow users to enjoy 10 minutes of footage, use a theater locator to check on where they can go see Tron: Legacy, preview the soundtrack in-ad with the possibility to directly download it from iTunes – again, without leaving the ad. The preview should go live in a few hours in apps such as TV Guide which was updated on November 30th to vaguely include support for iOS 4.2. I just fired up the app and the iAd isn’t showing up yet.

In November, Apple announced that it would bring iPhone’s iAds to Europe starting with an exclusive Renault campaign to showcase the Twizy car. Apple has also teamed up with brand agency Dentsu to bring iAd to Japan in 2011.

Update: Screenshots of the Tron: Legacy iAd below. Read more

Apple Looking For iAd HTML5 Engineer

Just ahead of the launch of European iAds (although we still haven’t managed to find the Renault iAd running on any app) and the Japanese rollout in 2011, a new job posting on Apple’s website reveals that the iAd team is looking for a skilled HTML5 engineer “to help build iAd’s HTML5-based platform for rich content”.

The job posting, which among requirements lists extensive CSS3 knowledge and preferred WebKit development, also confirms that members of the iAd team will have to collaborate “with many groups outside iOS engineering”, namely content publishers who need assistance with the iAd JS framework and user interface design teams at Cupertino.

With the release of iOS 4.2 many expected iAd campaigns to become available on iPad apps as well, but, in spite of the changes in iAd’s framework to support the tablet’s screen, advertisements on the iPad are still nowhere to be seen.

Renault To Launch First European iAd Tomorrow

Looks like everything’s ready to go for iAds in Europe. With a press release on their official website, European car maker Renault announced that they’ll launch the first iAd campaign in Europe tomorrow, December 2nd.

The advertising campaign will be aimed at promoting the Twizy, a new electric tandem vehicle that will be available next year. It’s a “city car” that’s completely electric and comes with four wheels, a steering wheel and a very unusual shape. The iAd (you can take a look at the video below, in French) will allow users to check on various Twizy information such as charging times. Read more

Apple Posts “iAd Highlight Video” Ahead Of European Launch

Earlier today Apple posted a video on to showcase the various iAd campaigns the company has launched up until today in the U.S. The video features brands such as AT&T, Nissan and JCPenney.

Apple announced yesterday iAds are coming to European countries in December. The first companies that will launch iAd campaigns in Europe are L’Orèal, Renault, Luis Vuitton, Nespresso and Perrier & Unilever. Despite some initial concerns of excessive control and a cancelled Adidas campaign, Apple has already signed on over half of the top 25 US advertisers. Read more

Apple Is Bringing iAds To Europe In December

Today Apple announced they’re bringing their “revolutionary iAd network” to Europe. iAds will launch in December in the UK and France, Germany will follow in January. As for the partners, the rumors were correct: Apple managed to close deals with L’Orèal, Renault, Luis Vuitton, Nespresso and Perrier & Unilever.

iAds started to roll out internationally two weeks ago, and while the ads were visible to non-US users they weren’t target to specific audiences. For instance, I was able to see an AT&T iAd in Italy.

Press release follows below. Read more