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AppStories, Episode 14 – Pick 2: Ulysses and FullContact

On this week's episode of AppStories, we pick two apps and discuss how and why we use them for our work. For the first installment of Pick 2, Federico covers Ulysses and how he’s used it over the past year and for the iOS 11 review he is currently writing; John explains how he uses FullContact to keep in touch with developers and sponsors of MacStories and AppStories.

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AppStories, Episode 13 – Interview: Rehearsal Pro with David H. Lawrence XVII

On this week's episode of AppStories, we chat with actor David H. Lawrence XVII about his app Rehearsal Pro, which helps actors rehearse for parts, the intersection of the performing arts and apps, how David's experience as an actor has helped his app find a large following among other professional actors, and how some of the app’s more famous users have become its best marketing.

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AppStories, Episode 12 – The State of Non-Native Apps

On this week's episode of AppStories, we look at the state of non-native apps, the trade-offs inherent to them, and discuss examples of non-native apps we like and a few we don’t.

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