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iRip 2: The Best Way To Get Anything Out Of iOS Devices

The Little App Factory has published some great Mac apps in the past year. First for me came Evom, a simple and free utility that can save videos from the web (even Flash videos) and convert to a number of different devices, such as iPads or Apple TVs. Then I installed Rivet, another little utility for the Mac that can stream video from your local machine to a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 console in your local network. Works like magic.

Last week I took a look at The Little App Factory's latest effort, Grappler for Mac. Grappler provides an integrated view to browse Youtube without leaving the app and download videos to convert for an iTunes-compatible format. It's got a great UI, inline previews and a lot more. Make sure to check out my review here if you missed it.

Now it's time for iRip to deserve a second look, as the developers have released a major update to the app that allowed you to transfer songs from your iPhone and iPod touch back to the Mac. iRip 2 now supports any iOS device, and any kind of content.

Think of iRip 2 as iTunes working backwards. Instead of getting music, photos, movies, books, podcasts and TV shows in your device, you're getting them out.

iRip 2 can transfer any content (playlists, audiobooks and ringtones, too) from any device to the Mac. Simple and powerful, right? It is. I haven't seen any other Mac app that works like this. You plug in a device (works just fine with an iPad), iRip takes a couple of seconds to analyze its contents and boom -- there's a sidebar similar to the iTunes' one to browse music, movies, photos, etc. You can copy an entire library or a selection back to iTunes or to a folder on your Mac. You can also Quick Look pictures and videos and listen to music and podcasts directly from iRip. In fact, you can even send audio from iRip to an AirPort Express Station or Apple TV using AirFoil 4. Works perfectly.

I'm not afraid to say iRip 2 might as well be the perfect and easiest way to get anything out of your mobile devices. It'd be great to get apps out as well, but I guess that's not possible. iRip 2 comes with a free trial that lets you transfer up to 50 items, and it's a $24.95 purchase after that.

Totally worth it.

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