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Backflip Studios Making Half A Million Dollars Per Month With In-Game Ads

So much for in-app advertising being a non-sustainable business mode. Backflip Studios, developers of the popular Paper Toss and Ninjump games for iPhone, is making half a million dollars per month from in-game ads alone. The company dramatically increased ad revenue since last May, when they confirmed they had managed to make $1 million in six months.

Backflip generated more than 45 million installs on iOS, 5.5 million on Android devices.

We are seeing revenues of about $500,000 a month just on mobile ads," CEO Julian Farrior tells ME. "This excludes revenues associated with premium App Store sales or in-app purchases.

We are currently averaging between 1.7 million and 2.25 million daily active users, and 15 million monthly active users," says Farrior. "This is about to grow significantly with two more free products launching in Q4, and NinJump coming to Android in a month.

Based on 2009 trend data, these mobile ad revenue numbers will double in November and quadruple in December.

The company is generating between 600 and 800 million ad impressions per month thanks to its "freemium" model. With the recent acquisition of ngmoco by DeNA, I wouldn't be surprised to see Backflip ending up in some other game industry giant portfolio. [9to5 via ME]