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Apple Shares First Series of HomePod Ads

Joe Rossignol, writing for MacRumors:

Apple today shared its first series of HomePod ads on its official YouTube channel, titled Bass, Beat, Distortion, and Equalizer.
The music-focused ads are each set to their own song, including Ain't I by Lizzo, DNA by Kendrick Lamar, Holy Water by Hembree, and All Night by Big Boi. Apple continues to position the HomePod as a "breakthrough speaker" first and "intelligent home assistant" second in the description of each video.

If there was any doubt on how Apple is trying to position the HomePod, these ads have no mention – visual or otherwise – of Siri functionalities at all. They're just about music. (Personally, I love the style and animations.)

As someone who actually believes in the utility of smart speakers, I'm curious to see how this strategy will play out for Apple this year, and if they're going to air "lifestyle" HomePod + Siri commercials at some point (as they did many times before).