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Apple Posts New Siri Ads Featuring John Malkovich

Following a series of "celebrity ads" for the iPhone 4S' voice-based assistant released last month, Apple today posted two new Siri TV commercials featuring actor John Malkovich. The ads, titled "Joke" and "Life" show Malkovich casually talking to Siri with short sentences and a series of single words such as "weather" or "evening", perhaps in an effort to showcase both Malkovich's particular attitude and Siri's capability of handling short commands with seemingly no context ("evening" returns a series of calendar appointments, "linguica" displays local restaurants).

According to a recent study, the previous commercials featuring Zooey Deschanel and Samuel L. Jackson fared well with viewers, who, reportedly, were highly receptive to familiar faces of celebrities illustrating the latest features of the iPhone in a familiar, almost casual setting. MacRumors has put together a number of possible responses Siri can give to Malkovich's query -- tests performed with the question asked by Samuel L. Jackson showed that, in practice, Siri was a little less accurate than its primetime counterpart.

The new Siri ads are available on Apple's website, YouTube channel, and we have embedded the official versions below.