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iOS 8 Banner Going Up at Moscone West

Click for full size.

Click for full size.

It’s been four days since Apple began decorating Moscone West with WWDC 2014 banners, and today the company has started hanging new signage hinting at the next major version of iOS, iOS 8.

Last year, Apple displayed banners suggesting a different look for iOS with a colorful and thin “7” logo on a minimalistic background. This year, Apple has taken a different approach with a water background (reminiscent of the iOS 6 banner in 2012) and a white “8” logo.

In a press release published in April, Apple said that WWDC 2014 would give developers from around the world a chance to “learn about the future of iOS and OS X”. Apple is expected to unveil iOS 8 and the next version of OS X during the WWDC keynote; OS X is expected to receive a complete redesign with a significant overhaul of the Aqua interface, while iOS 8 is rumored to be an iterative update focused on refinements and new featured based on last year’s bold new look.

Update: The banner for OS X went up as well.

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Our thanks goes to Steve Streza and Alex Novosad for providing the photos and helping us with coverage from San Francisco.

Apple Starts Decorating Moscone West with WWDC 2014 Banners

Apple's WWDC 2014 banner at Moscone West. Click image for full-size.

Apple’s WWDC 2014 banner at Moscone West. Click image for full-size.

WWDC 2014 is kicking off on Monday, June 2, and Apple has started decorating Moscone West today with promotional banners for the event.

Every year, Apple decorates the convention center in San Francisco with two different sets of banners: the ones carrying the event’s graphics already available on the WWDC website, and others showing the names and logos of new versions of iOS and OS X for the first time. This year, Apple is expected to unveil iOS 8 (the successor to last year’s major redesign of iOS) and OS X 10.10, the latter rumored to introduce a dramatic redesign of the Aqua interface.

Today, we’ve received the first set of photos, showing WWDC 2014 banners going up inside Moscone West with the “Write the code. Change the world” tagline. With preparations now well underway, Apple will continue to decorate Moscone West with new banners in the next few days, possibly showing official logos for iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 later this week.

We will update this post with more photos throughout the week; you can follow @MacStoriesNet on Twitter or our WWDC 2014 hub for updates.

Our thanks goes to Alex Novosad (creator of Choosy) for providing the photos and helping us with coverage from San Francisco.

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Apple To Live Stream WWDC 2014 Keynote on June 2

As first noted by 9to5mac, Apple has confirmed they will live stream the WWDC 2014 keynote on June 2. Speakers haven’t been revealed yet, but, considering the company’s history over the past few years, CEO Tim Cook will likely kick off the keynote, with SVPs Federighi, Schiller, and Cue assigned to announcing new versions of iOS, OS X, improvements to iCloud and iTunes, or new hardware. According to the company’s website, “exciting announcements” will be revealed during the special event, which will start at 10 AM PDT.

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Apple Releases WWDC 2014 App

As with previous years, Apple today updated its official WWDC app for the upcoming developer conference, which will kick off in San Francisco on June 2.

The WWDC 2014 app is available for free on the App Store, and it can be used by attendees to browse times, locations, and descriptions for sessions, labs, and special events, but, for developers who weren’t selected for a ticket by Apple’s lottery system, the app will also provide a handy way to view session videos (which will be uploaded throughout the week) and sync video playback across devices using iCloud. The app, redesigned since last year’s version, will include Passbook support to speed up on-site registration for attendees, combining inline maps with favorites to find a specific location inside Moscone West and mark a session or lab as important so it won’t be missed.

You can download Apple’s WWDC 2014 app here. WWDC 2014 kicks off on Monday, June 2.

Apple Announces WWDC 2014: Kicks Off June 2

Apple has announced the official dates for WWDC 2014. The developer event kicks off in San Francisco on June 2 and runs through June 6. This year, Apple will give tickets to attendees through a random selection system (effectively, a lottery). Developers will be able to apply today through Monday, April 7 at 10 AM PDT, and they will know their status by Monday, April 7 at 5 PM PDT. Last year, Apple pre-announced the sale of tickets, which caused issues on the company’s website when the tickets went on sale due to the high amount of traffic, in which tickets were still sold out in less than two minutes. Read more

Apple Starts Decorating Moscone West with WWDC 2013 Banners

With WWDC 2013 kicking off in San Francisco on Monday, Apple has today started decorating Moscone West for its five-day event. Last year, with WWDC starting on June 11, Apple began Moscone preparations on June 5, showing off colorful banners with app icons and, in the process, confirming iOS 6’s official new icon ahead of the conference.

So far, banners put up by Apple at Moscone West are showing the same colorful graphics of the official WWDC 2013 logo that Apple unveiled in late April. While much has been said about whether the WWDC logo may hint at a visual refresh in the next versions of iOS and OS X, the shape used by Apple is simply reminiscent of iOS app icons – something that Apple has often used for WWDC banners.

This year, Apple is using the “Where a whole new world is developing” tagline for the initial set of banners.

We’re receiving the first photos from Moscone West, and we’re including them after the break. We will update this post with more photos as we receive them throughout the week. Read more

Apple Says New Tech Talks Are Coming This Fall

Following an “unprecedented interest” in WWDC that saw tickets selling out in less than two minutes, Apple has officially announced on its “News and Announcements” developer portal that “they’ll be hitting the road” with Tech Talks this Fall:

Enthusiasm for WWDC 2013 has been incredible, with tickets selling out in record time. For those who can’t join us in San Francisco, you can still take advantage of great WWDC content, as we’ll be posting videos of all our sessions during the conference. We’ll also be hitting the road this fall with Tech Talks in a city near you. Hope to see you there.

In commenting on Daniel Jalkut’s piece on WWDC yesterday, I suggested that a new round of Tech Talks would be a nice solution for those who couldn’t get a ticket to WWDC this year. It’s good to see Apple addressing concerns of limited availability with such a quick announcement.

Tech Talks are, as the name suggests, talks given by Apple employees to developers interested in knowing more about iOS and OS X technologies, attending labs, and getting feedback on APIs and interface guidelines by the people who make iOS, OS X, iCloud, and all the services that power Apple’s devices and computers.

Tech Talks are, effectively, “mini WWDCs”. The last time Apple “hit the road” was in late 2011 with the Tech Talk World Tour after the release of iOS 5. The tour run through 9 cities worldwide:

  • Berlin
  • London
  • Rome
  • Beijing
  • Seoul
  • Sao Paolo
  • New York City
  • Seattle
  • Austin

As Apple described it back then:

We’re taking iOS 5 on a world tour and we want you to come along for the ride. Learn from Apple experts as you take your apps to the next level with the exciting new technologies in iOS. Space is limited, so register today.

It’s unclear right now whether Apple will once again a worldwide tour, but it seems plausible. In 2011, Apple started the Tech Talk World Tour on November 2, announcing tickets on October 20.


The whole point of the conference needs to be rethought, and the goals addressed from scratch using new approaches. As the greatest challenge for WWDC is in scaling to meet demand, I think it’s obvious that the rethought WWDC should be considered in terms of digital solutions. Call it WWDC if you like, but it needs to take place 365 days a year instead of 4. It needs to serve 300,000 developers, not 5,000. And it needs to take place online, not within the cramped confines of a small convention center in San Francisco.

Daniel Jalkut says that it’s time for something better than WWDC. The entire post is worth a read.

Personally, I think it’d be interesting to see an expansion of the Tech Talk World Tour that Apple did in late 2011. But even in that case, venues were limited, and I imagine traveling around the world put a lot of stress on Apple engineers. Having Apple staff at smaller, independent conferences could help, but those would need to be several conferences each year, otherwise the same issues would arise.

I agree with Daniel. Maybe, with hundreds of thousands of developers, the solution that makes the most sense is a digital one.


Apple Confirms WWDC Keynote on June 11

Following the release of the WWDC 12 app and official event schedule, Apple just confirmed that an opening keynote will be held on Monday, June 11, in San Francisco.

Jim Dalrymple at The Loop was first to report about invitations being sent to the press for the keynote, which will be held at 10 am. Speakers haven’t been revealed yet, but it wouldn’t be a surprise to see CEO Tim Cook kick off the keynote, with other executives following up on news and announcements during the event.

Apple’s upcoming conference will see the company unveil “the latest news about iOS and OS X Mountain Lion with developers”. Apple is widely expected to unveil the next major version of iOS, as well as provide new information on OS X Mountain Lion, set to ship in “late summer”, at the event.