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Taiwanese LCD Maker To Ship 30 Million iPad 2 Screens

Following speculation about Apple facing supply constraints and  iPad 2 production issues due to the Japan earthquake and tsunami, Reuters reports this morning a story from The Economic Daily News which, citing no sources, claims Taiwan-based AU Optronics Corp – the world’s #4 LCD maker – has closed a multi-million dollar deal with Apple to ship iPad 2 displays this year.

AU could ship 30 million of the screens in a year, it said. The order will take up over half the capacity of its plant in Taichung, central Taiwan.

Apple ramping up production of the iPad 2 doesn’t come as a total surprise. The device went on sale on March 11 in the United States generating long lines at Apple Stores and authorized retailers allegedly selling around 1 million units in the first days; a similar scenario followed two weeks later in the 25 countries that got the iPad 2 on March 25th. In the past weeks, iPad 2 shipping times from the Apple online store jumped from 2-3 weeks, then to 4-5 weeks and they’ve now settled with a 3-4 weeks wait on the US Store.

First iPad 2 LCD Screen Picture?

Over the weekend, several blogs reported of “2x” graphic files (which we spotted last August) found in the iBooks application binary that suggested an increased resolution in the next generation iPad. Apple, in fact, uses the “2x” suffix to separate graphic elements belonging to non-Retina devices from those designed for the iPhone 4 Retina Display. The rumored increased resolution for the iPad 2 would be 2048x1536 pixels, double the current one.

As noted by MacRumors, website GlobalDirectParts (the same company that posted leaked photos of the CDMA iPhone parts weeks ago) is now selling an “iPad 2 LCD Screen” for $218.19. The website also sells screens replacement for the first-generation iPad and a variety of other Apple products. The $218.19 price point seems to suggest higher production costs for the new screen, which may or may not imply a higher resolution built-in the unit.

The same website has also update its catalogue with an “iPad Vibrating Motor” (the current iPad doesn’t have vibration like the iPhone) and a white iPad 2 that, however, it’s just a mockup from a few months ago. According to recent speculation, the iPad 2 will come out in the first two weeks of April with an SD card slot and a higher resolution screen.

Screens 1.1 Available: More Gestures, Better SSH, Bug Fixes

Edovia released Screens for iPhone and iPad last week, and it quickly became thousands of people’s new favorite VNC client for iOS. The app makes it easy to access a computer remotely and actually use it on the iPhone or iPad thanks to the support for multi-touch. No mouse cursors to move, you just touch the windows. Also, Edovia’s Screens Connect feature is simply great to log in a computer while on the go with a 3G connection. Tested last week and it was perfect.

Screens was updated a few minutes ago, and this 1.1 version brings a lot of improvements, new features and bug fixes to make the app even better. Screens now supports customizable 3-finger gestures to map to any action you want and lets you launch the Mac’s app switcher with a 4-finger gesture. Edovia improved SSH in the app, which now allows for an address for the SSH tunnel, lets you customize the port and also doesn’t force you to activate SSH tunneling when connecting to a computer on a local network.

The list of changes and bug fixes is huge, so check it out below. Support for more gestures single-handedly makes this update worth it, so go buy the app at $14.99 now if you still haven’t. Screens is the best VNC client for iOS, hands down. Read more

MacBook Air Runs On Four Screens, Including Apple IIc

Is the MacBook Air just another netbook that can barely run Photoshop? We all know it’s not. Benchmark numbers and stats aside, that thing is fast. I’ve been trying a 11-inch model (a friend of mine bought one) this week, and it literally screams. Instant-on thanks to SSD, strong battery life, responsive…just do yourself a favor and go try one at an Apple Store near you.

Or, if you want a quick example, take a look at the picture above. It doesn’t provide any numbers, but it gives you an idea of what this machine can do. It’s a MacBook Air running on four different screens: a 20-inch Apple Cinema Display, a 7-inch Mimo 720-S USB display and an old Apple IIc which is displaying a Terminal session through serial cable.

Geek stuff.

[Gizmodo via Flickr]

MacStories Giveaway: Win A Copy of Screens for iPhone & iPad

Screens is an excellent new VNC client by Edovia which, unlike other similar apps in the App Store, it’s not aimed at letting you move a cursor on your computer through the iPhone and iPad. It’s an app specifically meant to take advantage of the platform it runs on – iOS – so that you can actually touch your computer remotely.

From my review:

The “simple approach” doesn’t stop at touch controls, however. Once you’re controlling OS X on your device and you’d like to do some actual stuff with it, Screens offer two separate keyboards to execute most of the commands you know and love on the Mac. The first keyboard is a standard iOS keyboard with an additional bar on top which allows you to navigate using the arrow keys, or press Mac-only keys like Command and Control. Those buttons stay pressed until you tap on them again — useful. The second keyboard, though, is much more functional: it contains the same Mac-only and arrow keys on top, but there are no letters at the bottom. Instead, you get these “action buttons” that let you perform tasks that would require a series of taps and dialogue boxes instead. For instance, you can cut, copy, minimize, log out and activate Spolight with a single tap. Huge time saver.

We have 5 copies of Screens to give away to lucky MacStories readers. Check out the giveaway rules below (it ends tomorrow!), and if you can’t wait the app is available here. Read more