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Apple Job Posting Suggests More Speech Recognition Features Coming to iOS

9to5mac points to four new job listings that appeared on Apple’s website earlier this week and suggest the company is looking forward to implementing more speech recognition features in future versions of iOS. The job positions (1, 2, 3, 4) include one “iOS Speech Application Engineer”, two “Speech Recognition Engineers” and one “Senior Speech Research Scientist”.

Are you looking to contribute to a product that is redefining the smartphone? The iOS Application Frameworks team is looking for an exceptional Speech Engineer. You will work with our team on a wide variety of speech-related development activities. We need a team player - you will be working closely with engineers on the Application Frameworks team as well as other teams at Apple - and we need someone who is comfortable working in a fast paced environment with rapidly changing priorities.

The fact that Apple is looking for not one, but four Speech engineers may be a sign of the iOS team at Cupertino willing to catch up with Google, which already has powerful voice search and voice action functionalities on Android. Speech recognition features on iOS are limited to Voice Control and a few other App Store apps that come with their own speech technologies – apps like Siri Assistant, bought by Apple earlier this year.

If you think the pieces are coming together now for speech-related features to show up in a major new version of iOS next year, then I guess we’re all excited for voice actions to find their way on the iPhone and iPad.

Jobs: Rockstar and CEO Of The Decade

Jobs: Rockstar and CEO Of The Decade

Jobs’s legacy stretches back several decades and includes the development of a few more groundbreaking innovations from his first go-round at Apple in the 1970s and ’80s: the Apple II, the Mac and elaborate computer graphics, to name a few. Along with being likened to Edison and Bell, comparisons with such captains of industry as Walt Disney — of whose namesake company Jobs would later become the biggest individual shareholder — spring to mind for many.

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward. You can only connect them looking backwards.”


Apple Goes Back To Where The Woz Started with HP Campus Purchase

The San Jose Mercury News is reporting that Apple has made a 98-acre land purchase in Cupertino to double the capacity of its original campus. The new location is the historic Hewlett-Packard campus, the same where Steve Wozniak was working when he and Steve Jobs were working on the first Apple computer in the 70s.

HP is in the middle of an operation to consolidate its headquarters in Palo Alto, and Apple apparently secured the old HP campus in an effort to expand Cupertino’s Infinite Loop. Put simply, Apple needs more room. Read more

Sir Richard Branson To Unveil A Magazine App for iPad On Tuesday

Word’s on the street that Richard Branson, chairman of Virgin Group, will announce a magazine app for the iPad called “Project” (nice name) on Tuesday. Several European media outlets have apparently received invitations for a special event, but it’s unclear whether Branson will announce the launch of the app or just offer a preview. Actually, no one ever heard of Branson’s iPad “Project” before.

If Branson’s really working on a magazine app for iPad, it’d be interesting to know if Virgin is involved in anyway with Apple’s plans to launch app subscriptions for iOS. Will we see Branson, Murdoch and Jobs on stage at the rumored December 9th event?

Apple’s Jobs Is Victor In War Of Words

Apple’s Jobs Is Victor In War Of Words

It’s refreshing to see a CEO stand up and be so confident in his company and products that he is willing to speak out. In fact, I wish more CEOs had that much confidence in what they are making.

Jobs is winning the war of words with competitors because consumers are buying Apple’s products. Jobs is bringing innovative products to the market and everyone else is following his lead.

For many CEOs used to their business lingo, it’s hard to understand Jobs’ direct style.


Ping: The Woz Approves

I don’t like Ping, but who am I to go against what the Woz says? After Wednesday’s Apple Music Event (where Steve Jobs surprisingly mentioned Wozniak by calling him his “partner in crime”) some journalists met the Woz and asked him a few questions about the stuff Jobs announced on stage. Namely, Apple TV and Apple’s first attempt at social networking - Ping.

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Apple Will Provide Live Video Streaming of September 1 Event

Finally, the wait is over. Apple will provide a live stream of tomorrow’s music event: of course, we’ll be here ready to discuss everything with you.

This is something we’ve been looking forward to for a very long time, and my guess is that Steve Jobs wants bloggers to blog less at his keynotes using MiFis. Maybe. Maybe they just thought is was about time.

Anyway, the video stream will be available at tomorrow. Great news.

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Apple Granted Patent for “Slide to Unlock”

When Apple introduced the iPhone and Steve Jobs showed how to unlock it for the first time, people went “ooohhh”. Back then, it was a revolution. Over the years smartphone makers and OS designers for touch screen-enabled mobile devices have been trying to copy Apple’s unique implementations and to reach the bar set high by Cupertino’s magical designers.

Three years ago Apple filed patents for the two most distinctive features of the iPhone: “slide to unlock” in the lockscreen and pop-up letters when you type on the virtual keyboard. Perhaps you’re so used to them you wouldn’t even think there’s a need to patent them.

Indeed there is, and United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted Apple two design patents titled “Animated graphical user interface for a display screen or portion thereof ” that will allow Steve to keep on sliding on his iPhone 5 while wandering around Google’s campus without the fear of being observed by Eric Schmidt and his evil design team.

I guess that’s what Apple patents are all about.

[via TUAW]

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