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MacStories Shortcuts Icons Receives Free Update with 50 New Glyphs

I’m happy to announce that MacStories Shortcuts Icons, our custom icon set for adding shortcuts to the Home screen, has received an update today that adds 50 new glyphs.

The update is available now for free for existing customers (just download the file again with the link in your original email receipt); for new customers, the update is part of the standard MacStories Shortcuts Icons purchase, which is available at $14.99 for a total of 350 custom Home screen glyphs.

All sales are final. You can read our license and terms of use here.

For those who may have missed it last month: MacStories Shortcuts Icons lets you customize the look of your shortcuts added to the Home screen by choosing from hundreds of glyphs designed specifically with Shortcuts users in mind, going beyond what’s provided by Apple in the Shortcuts app.

As I wrote in the introductory blog post:

With these icons, you’ll have more options than what is provided by default in the Shortcuts app for Home screen icons. There are no workarounds, no hacks: our icons can be installed using a native feature of Shortcuts supported in the just-released iOS and iPadOS 13.1.

And here’s the best part: MacStories Shortcuts Icons will keep the original colors of your shortcuts, so you’ll be able to create Home screen shortcuts that are consistent with the app, yet unique and personal. MacStories Shortcuts Icons is the first Shortcuts-specific icon set to support this.

We’re thrilled with the response to MacStories Shortcuts Icons, and we’re extremely grateful to everyone who’s bought the icons or recommended them to other Shortcuts users.

Since last month’s launch, we’ve been listening to feedback from the community and have come up with more glyph ideas based on customer requests as well as new shortcuts from the MacStories archive. And we thought it’d be best to share these additional glyphs as a free update for anyone who’s already purchased MacStories Shortcuts Icons.

In the free update, you’ll find a variety of new glyphs for different use cases: there are new media icons (such as AirPods and glyphs for Shortcuts’ ‘Hand off Playback’ action), icons for dual- and triple-lens camera systems, wireless options (WiFi, VPN, Bluetooth, Cellular, Personal Hotspot – perfect for Settings shortcuts), plus miscellaneous new entries including Brain, Split View, and Robot.

Here’s a complete preview of all the new glyphs included in this free update:

A watermarked preview of the latest additions to the icon set.

A watermarked preview of the latest additions to the icon set.

Even though the process is still in flux (mainly because Silvia designed new icons and now I have to rethink my shortcut placement…again), here’s how my iPhone and iPad Home screens have changed thanks to the updated MacStories Shortcuts Icons set:

My Home screens featuring the updated MacStories Shortcuts Icons.

My Home screens featuring the updated MacStories Shortcuts Icons.

How to Update and Where to Buy

If you’re an existing customer of MacStories Shortcuts Icons, you should have received an email with a link to download the updated set. If you didn’t sign up for email updates upon purchasing the icons, here’s how you can download the updated set:

  • Find the original email receipt from MacStories Pixel for your MacStories Shortcuts Icons purchase;
  • Tap the link;
  • Tap the download button;
  • Unzip the downloaded file, and you’ll find the updated set with the 50 new glyphs.

If you can’t find your original MacStories Pixel email for MacStories Shortcuts Icons, feel free to get in touch at

If you haven’t purchased MacStories Shortcuts Icons yet, now’s a great time to jump in and start customizing your Home screen. You can find more details on the product page, read our FAQ here, and buy the icons here, or by clicking the ‘Buy’ button below.

As we announced last month, if you’re a Club MacStories member, check your member area for a discount code first: for you, the set is 33% off, so you can purchase it at $9.99.

All sales are final. You can read our license and terms of use here.

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