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MacStories Shortcuts Icons

MacStories Shortcuts Icons are 300 custom icons for your Home screen shortcuts.

Specifically designed for the Shortcuts app and spanning dozens of categories, MacStories Shortcuts Icons will allow you to further customize the look of shortcuts added to the Home screen.

The best part: MacStories Shortcuts Icons will keep the original colors of your shortcuts, so you’ll be able to create Home screen shortcuts that are consistent with the app, yet unique and personal.

You can purchase MacStories Shortcuts Icons for $14.99 by tapping the ‘Buy’ button below. If you’re a Club MacStories member, check your Downloads area: as a member, you’ll be able to get MacStories Shortcuts Icons for just $9.99.

All sales are final. You can read our license and terms of use here.

You can find a complete preview of MacStories Shortcuts Icons’ 300 glyphs here.

With MacStories Shortcuts Icons, you’ll have more options than what is provided by default in the Shortcuts app for Home screen icons. There are no workarounds, no hacks: MacStories Shortcuts Icons can be installed using a native feature of Shortcuts supported in the just-released iOS and iPadOS 13.1. Your shortcuts will keep the colors you assigned them, but they’ll use custom glyphs.

Here is an example of MacStories Shortcuts Icons in action, featuring the Home screens of our own Federico Viticci:

MacStories Shortcuts Icons were designed to cater to the needs of the Shortcuts community. Every shortcut from the MacStories Shortcuts Archive is represented in MacStories Shortcuts Icons. We also tried to provide as many options as possible for popular shortcuts shared on Reddit and other websites by the Shortcuts community.

From documents and the clipboard to media and task management, MacStories Shortcuts Icons covers dozens of categories of potential shortcuts. In the download file, each icon is labeled by name, and you’ll also find a full preview to get an overview of all the icons.

Don’t just take our word for it: we asked Shortcuts experts Rosemary Orchard and Matthew Cassinelli to share their thoughts on MacStories Shortcuts Icons, and here’s what they said:

The MacStories team has always been the top champion making automation approachable on iOS and this set of icons for shortcuts on the Home Screen will soon be another friendly addition for many now adopting Shortcuts in iOS 13. Giving Siri Shortcuts users a handy set of custom designs for their shortcuts that will live right next to one’s favorite apps is another fantastic step in Federico and the team accomplishing their mission. – Matthew Cassinelli

Shortcuts has never had enough icons to suit me, and now that launching them from the Home screen is truly viable, I need more icons to let me differentiate between them visually – and that’s what MacStories Shortcuts Icons offers. An icon for every occasion as well as prompts for more Shortcuts to create. – Rosemary Orchard

MacStories Shortcuts Icons are not just a random icon set: each icon was specifically designed with a potential use case for Shortcuts in mind. MacStories Shortcuts Icons are the result of a collaboration between MacStories Pixel, our new design brand run by our longtime designer Silvia Gatta, and Federico Viticci.

You can buy MacStories Shortcuts Icons here or by tapping the ‘Buy’ button below.

All sales are final. You can read our license and terms of use here.

For more information and details about MacStories Shortcuts Icons, you can read our FAQ section here.