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Apple Airs New iPhone Commercials: “Brilliant” and “Discover”

Earlier today, Apple aired two new iPhone commercials called Brilliant and Discover. The videos are available both on Apple's website and YouTube channel.

Like Apple's latest iPad ad campaign, the iPhone commercials focus on third-party apps with no narration, and just a series of words quickly shown on screen alongside apps/media available on iTunes. For "Brilliant", the words are "sweet", "rise" and "brilliant" and content includes Apple's Cards app, UP, Passbook, MyScript Calculator, and Philips' hue (Philips announced an SDK today as well). For "Discover" the words are "rock", "sharp", and "discover" and content includes GarageBand, Maps, Infinity Blade II, Cleartune, Solar Walk, Yelp, and Shazam.

You can watch the ads below.