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iGotYa Takes Photos and GPS Location Of The Guy Who Stole Your iPhone

The iGotYa app is one those utilities you don't know you need until you try it and see its potential. Available in the Cydia Store at $5.99 (Big Boss repo), iGotYa can take a picture of whoever tries to unlock your phone with the wrong passcode, using the front facing camera. We all want to keep an eye on our iPhones, right? iGotYa, combined with Apple's Find My iPhone remote functionalities, is the ultimate tool to make sure you know who's trying to mess with your iPhone.

The app requires a front facing camera, meaning that it will only run on the iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4th gen. As a picture is taken in the lockscreen, iGotYa can send it via WiFi or 3G to a specified email address, also attaching GPS information in the email message. So if you ended up losing your iPhone because of someone you took it, not only you'll know where he is, you'll also get to see his face. And he won't know while attempting to unlock the stolen phone.

iGotYa will cost you 6 buck, but it's that sort of investment you will not regret. Check out the demo video below. [Gizmodo via Redmond Pie]