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iOS 4.2: 10 Great iPad Apps That Multitask

With iOS 4.2 coming in a few hours, iPad owners will surely have a great time today trying to figure out how the new operating system works, what’s the best way to arrange folders and what’s the deal with those widget controls in the multitasking bar. For all things new in iOS 4.2, make sure you don’t miss our huge walkthrough.

When a new OS is released, though, users come to the point where they want to try apps that support the new features introduced by Apple and its engineering team. Developers have been playing around with the OS for quite some time, there should be some apps already updated for iOS 4.2 in the App Store, right?

In this post we’ve collected the best 10 iPad apps that were updated in the past weeks to support iOS 4.2. Some great gems are in there, so read on past the break, and get your iTunes library ready before iOS 4.2 drops.


The best login manager and secure notes database for iPhone and OS X is ready to multitask on the iPad. While iPad owners have been able to access their 1Password logins through a bookmarklet in Safari since the iPad was released in April, having the possibility to easily switch between apps and go back to 1Password to find that fake TSA Twitter account login you created last week makes the whole experience incredibly better.

1Password for iPad is available in the App Store at $9.99.

Real Racing HD

The latest update to Firemint’s award-winning racing game for iPad adds support for fast app switching and online multiplayer through Game Center. You can play online with up to three friends, checks stats and leaderboards. Great graphics, too.

Real Racing HD is available in the App Store at $9.99.


OmniFocus for iPad reinvented my GTD workflow. It is the best GTD app currently available on the tablet, with support for over-the-air sync through WebDAV and MobileMe with the iPhone and Mac counterparts. OmniFocus for iPad sports a beautiful interface, a new Forecast feature not available yet on the desktop and, overall, redefines the whole concept of portable GTD.

OmniFocus is available in the App Store at $39.99.


The best app discovery service for iOS, hands down. App Shopper allows you to check on app updates and price drops, create your own wishlist and app library, receive push notifications for updates and discounts. Highly recommended.

AppShopper is available in the App Store for free.


Aweditorium is a free app for the iPad which puts the focus on discovering and sharing new music from independent artists you might not have heard of. It features an intuitive and great looking grid interface, which enables you to navigate through bands with just a few swipes and pinches. Make sure to read our full review here.

Aweditorium is available in the App Store for free.


The last update to Reeder for iPad (version 1.2) introduces support for Zootool and Facebook sharing, together full iOS 4.2 compatibility. You can now read news in Reeder, quickly jump to Safari to check on your Facebook account, come back and find the app exactly where you left off. If Reeder was already a must-have, iOS 4.2 simply makes it perfect.

Reeder for iPad is available in the App Store at $4.99.

Tweet Library

Tweet Library is an excellent app by Riverfold Software which allows you to “curate tweets”. You can create collection of tweets and publish them online, keep an offline cache of your tweets and favorites, filter your timeline and sort tweets by date. It’s a great companion to your default Twitter client.

Tweet Library is available in the App Store at $9.99.


The best diagramming and wireframing tool for iPad, developed by the same guys behind OmniFocus, the legendary OmniGroup. Do we need to say more?

OmniGraffle is available in the App Store at $49.99.

Twitter for iPad

Loren Brichter took the risk to develop and innovative, yet official, Twitter client for the iPad, and if you think official stuff doesn’t come with revolutionary features – think again. Twitter for iPad is, in my opinion, one of the reasons why people should check out the iPad. It makes navigating through links and profiles on Twitter a breeze, thanks to support for multi-touch gestures and state-of-the-art engineering. The app is, indeed, fast and stable – not to mention full of little details you’ll discover over time. Twitter for iPad now correctly multitask on iOS 4.2.

Twitter for iPad is available in the App Store for free.

River of News

River of News is a very good companion to Reeder for iPad. Instead of focusing on “power feed consumption”, allowing to navigate between folders and sources and embedding heavy sharing features in the app, River of News is all about scrolling. You literally get a “river of news” in this app, and all you have to do is to scroll and read until you reach the bottom. A clever Google Reader client you should definitely check out.

River of News is available in the App Store at $3.99.

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