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WriteRight and Tag Journal

Our thanks to WriteRight and Tag Journal for sponsoring MacStories this week. WriteRight and Tag Journal are two excellent apps for writers who want to enhance their writing workflows on iOS.

WriteRight is a unique text editor with synonyms, antonyms and phraseology. With support for Markdown and full iCloud and Dropbox integration, WriteRight lets you easily select words and expressions to check for synonyms/antonyms, choosing from a set of A4, Letter, and Manuscript previews with colored folders.

You can find out more about WriteRight for iPhone/iPad here.

Tag Journal is a complete diary to record your thoughts and ideas with photos, videos and sound recordings. Tag Journal supports Markdown for fast text entry and formatting, and you can add multiple photos per entry. Entry/note merging helps and speeds up your writing workflow, and notes can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, iMessages, Mail, or as PDF.

You can find out more about Tag Journal for iPhone/iPad here.

Federico’s note: I personally use WriteRight (which was developed in Italy and the US) when I write on my iPad, and I truly enjoy the app’s feature set for synonyms and antonyms that lets me quickly replace an active selection in the text editor with other words.



Our thanks to Docsforce for sponsoring MacStories this week. Docsforce is a new service that delivers electronic statements and invoices from companies (providers) to their clients (consumers) securely and privately.

Businesses — Tired of sending paper invoices to your customers or maintaining a download site? Use Docsforce to deliver electronic statements to your customers. We offer a secure download site private to your business. Keep using your PDF statements, invoices and accounting system. Sign up for a free trial, invite your customers. It takes just minutes.

Are you a service provider preparing statements? Whether you are a cloud company with lots of consumers, or a provider of accounting solutions, we can integrate Docsforce into your organization and turn your business into a magnet for growth.

Consumers — tired of dozens of websites and receiving paper statements? Automatically receive all your Docsforce statements in one place, no manual downloading from every provider. Our consumer apps or a browser let you view and export. We keep your statements stored in a super-secure cloud.

Visit and start living your paperless future today.



Our thanks to logtempo for sponsoring MacStories this week. logtempo is the easiest way to log time spent on any task: it only takes two taps.

Whether you’re a freelancer, consultant, or other professional who needs to account for time spent on client projects and tasks, logtempo removes all of the complexity and potential for error of time tracking tools and lets you focus on your work instead of your timesheet.

A natural progression from those hand-written notes and timesheets, with the reporting side already taken care of, logtempo takes a pragmatic approach: multiple tasks can be added to the app, and logged time can be added with another tap by choosing a time amount. When you don’t need a task anymore, you can remove it from your task list, but times logged against it are kept. Reports with times logged for the current day, working week, and last 7 days can be emailed or otherwise shared directly from the app, with an option to delete logged times from the summary report.

logtempo is a new approach to time tracking. Check out logtempo here, and subscribe for updates on Twitter and Facebook.



Our thanks to Tapstream for sponsoring MacStories this week. Tapstream helps app developers earn more from their apps.

For those of you who don’t advertise your app, Tapstream is completely free. You can embed it in your website to understand which referring sites and which landing pages are responsible for the biggest share of installs. Alternatively, use Tapstream’s URL shortener to get this same data from social networks, email or anywhere else on the web. If you decide to spend money on mobile ads, Tapstream is partnered with the best ad networks out there to help you advertise and make sure you’re not double-charged for your users.

Beyond just telling you how your users are getting to your app, Tapstream keeps track of exactly how valuable each channel is. Automatic In-App-Purchase reporting tells you where you get the most of your revenue from. Add to that a bevy of features like device-aware shortlinks (that discriminate between iPhone, iPad and Android visitors to send them to the correct destination), cohort tracking and integrations with HootSuite, KISSmetrics and MixPanel.

Tapstream is already on your iPhone in many of the apps you use today – it should be in your app too.


CleanMyMac 2

Our thanks to MacPaw for sponsoring MacStories this week with CleanMyMac 2. CleanMyMac is the simplest, fastest way to clean your Mac and remove unnecessary junk that your computer doesn’t need or has accumulated over time.

CleanMyMac can scan your Mac and find — besides unnecessary system files — files that you haven’t opened in a long time and that you likely don’t need anymore. CleanMyMac’s algorithms will find cache files, system and user logs, broken login items and preferences, old iOS software updates, hidden iPhoto files, and other large files that only waste space on your Mac; with an intuitive interface, the app will allow you to safely remove them and regain space without causing any issue with OS X (the app is ready for Mavericks).

In order to ensure that CleanMyMac would always remove the right files from OS X, MacPaw built a Safety Database for the app – a set of rules and exceptions that CleanMyMac uses to properly clean up junk files without doing any harm to the user’s system. The developers published a blog post on this feature, which you can read here.

CleanMyMac 2 is available at $39.95. A free trial is available at MacPaw’s website.



My thanks to Backblaze for sponsoring MacStories this week. You need a backup of all the data on your computer, and Backblaze offers unlimited and unthrottled backup at just $5 /month per computer. Backblaze automatically backs up all your files — not just a subset of them — every day, all the time, so you won’t lose any of your data in case of theft, fire, flood, stolen or broken computer.

Backblaze was created by former Apple engineers, and the company understands the needs of Apple users. Backblaze has a native Mac app for Mavericks and it comes with an iOS app to remotely access, view, and share your files. Secure and offsite, Backblaze’s continuous backup ensures you can always view and restore files; once installed, you don’t have to think about complicated options and configurations — if it’s installed, Backblaze will do the rest for you.

Among other features, Backblaze supports external drives, uses military-grade encryption for your files, and it has a free web restore feature that also has file versioning built-in. Backblaze is online backup made easy, and you can check it out and sign up for a plan here.



My thanks to Flexibits for sponsoring MacStories this week with Fantastical. Both on the Mac and iPhone, Fantastical lets you create and manage events using a beautiful and intuitive interface with an expressive and accurate natural language parser. With Fantastical, you can type something like “Lunch with Michael at 1 PM tomorrow” and the app will create a calendar event for it, filling all the necessary date and time fields for you. Same for reminders, recurring events, and other commands. It’s great.

I’ve been using Fantastical for years now, and I wouldn’t be able to go back to using Apple’s default apps for events and reminders. Fantastical 2, which is my iPhone app of the year, introduced an iOS 7 redesign and new features such as direct Reminders integration, a new week view, a dark theme, and more. For power users, Fantastical 2 has a powerful scheme that lets you chain it to other apps to build handy automated workflows.

For a limited time only, Fantastical 2 for iPhone is $1.99 (60% off) and Fantastical for Mac is $9.99 (50% off). You can find out more about Fantastical 2 for iPhone and Fantastical for Mac here and here.



Our thanks to Ohai for sponsoring MacStories this week.

Ohai is a journal app for keeping track of memories. Save thoughts, photos, and locations into a beautiful digital book, and flip back in time day by day. Check in to places, either privately, or to Foursquare, Twitter, and Your journal entries and photos are stored securely on, even free accounts, so your data is always portable and recoverable. It’s the perfect way to capture memories for the holidays.

With the recently released 1.1 update, Ohai added a new design for iOS 7, Foursquare check-ins, and the ability to edit and delete journal posts. You can now create posts for events in the past, and you can also add new thoughts and photos without locations.

Ohai is currently on sale at $2.99 on the App Store (regular price $4.99).


MindNode 3 for iOS [Sponsor]

MindNode makes mind mapping easy. Mind maps are a visual representation of your ideas, starting with a central thought and growing from there. This allows you to brainstorm and organize your thoughts in an intuitive way, so you can focus on the idea behind it.

MindNode 3 for iOS was just released and it comes with a completely new user interface designed for iOS 7. New features like MyMindNode – a service that allows you to embed your MindMaps on any website – and iCloud folder integration mean sharing your documents between all your devices has never been easier.

I’ve been using MindNode for years and I’m a fan of version 3.0 (my review). What I like about MindNode is that Smart Layout makes it easy to build large maps without having to worry about rearranging nodes, and the beautiful new default theme on iOS 7 looks great on the iPhone and iPad. In the new version, MindNode also supports keyboard shortcuts on the iPad: this allows me to create a map in a few minutes like on my Mac while retaining the iOS app’s handy Inspector menu. I rely on MindNode to organize topics for my longer articles and reviews, and I highly recommend it.

MindNode 3 for iOS is available on the App Store.