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Airmail Pro: Fast, Customizable Email on All Your Devices [Sponsor]

Airmail Pro is the Apple Design Award-winning email client for the iPhone, the iPad, the Apple Watch, and the Mac that combines elegant design and support for the latest Apple technologies with rich, customizable features that tame your inbox with a single subscription for all your devices.

Everyone’s email workflow is a little different. With Airmail’s extensive customizations, unique actions, and deep integration with the latest Apple technologies as well as other apps and services, the app works for you instead of against you.

The app can handle every major email service and standard. It’s smart, unified inbox provides unparalleled message management with features like inbox filters, message snoozing, and scheduled message sending. There’s also a privacy mode that processes all the data locally on your device, blocks tracking pixels, and prevents images from loading automatically. On the iPad, Airmail Pro shines with Split View support, drag and drop, keyboard shortcuts, an iPad-optimized layout, trackpad support, two-finger multiple item selection, and dark mode.

Airmail Pro, which was launched earlier this year, adds terrific new and updated features for Pro subscribers like a brand-new design, improved search, new themes like Cherry Tree and Leaf, and custom actions. There’s also support for interactive notifications so you can delete, archive, or reply to messages from inside a notification, bulk message management with swipe actions, lots of sorting and filtering options, message templates, a new calendar preview, search suggestions, and custom actions from the trackpad.

Take control of your email across all of Apple’s platforms today by downloading Airmail for the Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch now.

Airmail Pro is free to try without multiple account support and with other limitations. If you’re an Airmail Pro subscriber on iOS or bought Airmail 3 after January 1, 2019, the full, unlocked versions of Airmail are available for no extra charge. Other users can use earlier versions of the app by going to Preferences → General → Airmail Legacy.

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Calory: Track What You Eat! [Sponsor]

Calory is the calorie counter and tracker that makes it simple to record and monitor the calories you consume for healthier living. Too many calorie-tracking apps overwhelm you with data and are hard to use. Calory is different. The app’s elegant interface is designed to make quick work of logging food items and makes checking your progress easy.

The app is available on the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac, which ensures you’ll always have a device nearby to help you stay on track. On each platform, one of Calory’s hallmarks is its straightforward, glanceable design. There is no distracting, extraneous information, just refined visual cues to make tracking your progress easy and a big plus button for quickly logging calories and meals. For more detail, you can view your data in a journal view, which provides a snapshot of each day tracked.

Calory’s clutter-free interface lets you monitor your calories daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly to spot trends. Tracking other statistics like carbs, proteins, fat, sodium, and more is available too. You can track water intake and your weight, and the app works with Apple Health, which privately stores the data you log.

To make entering meal data even easier, Calory lets you save custom plates, so you can quickly log your most common meals, and scan barcodes. There’s even a recipe database to help inspire you to try new, healthy meals. Of course, there is also Shortcuts integration, which allows you to log items and track your progress using Siri and your own custom shortcuts.

Download Calory today to start tracking what you eat or visit to learn more about the easiest, most elegant way to count your calories.

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Overdrop Weather: Weather Simplified [Sponsor]

Weather might be the dreaded theme no conversation should reach, but how the tables turn when you start reciting temperature, wind speed, precipitation, the UV index, cloud cover, pressure, and humidity from the top of your head. You’re updated on all that and much else, live with ​Overdrop –​ a beautiful weather app for iPhone, powered by leading forecast providers.

Launch O​verdrop, and key information is elegantly displayed on an animated illustrated landscape that matches what you see out the window (save, perhaps, the noisy dog and grocery store that should offer disinfectant but doesn’t). A daily overview includes an exhaustive collection of live metrics – including the aforementioned – and a weather graph with temperature, wind speed, and precipitation, helps you stay one 24-hour step ahead.

The advanced quad-layer radar map with a time-travel bar predicts weather changes four days in advance, and if even that isn’t enough, plan up to a week in advance with a detailed 7-day weather forecast.

Turn on notifications, and alerts for severe weather can be delivered to Notification Centre. A sizeable set of themes – some dark – lets you customise icons, colours, and illustrations. And on iOS 14, ​Overdrop will offer beautiful, data-rich Home Screen widgets for ever quicker use.

So break the ice with a chat about the weather.

Our thanks to Overdrop for sponsoring MacStories this week.

Magic Lasso: Block Ads, Trackers and Pop-Ups on Your iPhone, iPad, and Mac [Sponsor]

Magic Lasso Adblock is an efficient and high-performance ad blocker for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

It allows you to experience a cleaner, faster web – without ads. As a native Safari content-blocking extension, Magic Lasso blocks intrusive ads, pop-ups, and trackers when browsing the web.

Magic Lasso Adblock provides a 2.0x speed increase on common websites, improves your privacy and security by removing ad trackers, and works with Safari across all Apple devices. It’s as if Apple itself had designed an ad blocker.

And unlike some other ad blockers, Magic Lasso Adblock respects your privacy, doesn’t accept payment from advertisers, and is 100% supported by its community of over 150,000 users.

Version 2.0 delivers a host of new features, including:

  • Community Allowlists: Once enabled, ad blocking is disabled on sites that have been frequently allowed by Magic Lasso users. Through anonymous crowd-sourcing of allowlists, ads are only allowed on sites the community deem worthy
  • Battery Boost: Additional ad blocking rules target and block JavaScript which uses significant CPU energy, ensuring pages are responsive while improving browser battery life

  • New look and feel: The new three-pane interface provides a quick overview of current status, easy access to see recent rules updates, and a simple way to view and configure allowed sites

Download the app for free today from the Magic Lasso website, the App Store, and the Mac App Store.

Our thanks to Magic Lasso Adblock for sponsoring MacStories this week.

OffScreen: Leave Your Phone, and Focus on Real Life [Sponsor]

It’s far too easy to get sidetracked and waste time on your iPhone. With Offscreen, you’ll understand exactly how you are spending time, regain control of it, and learn how to focus on what’s most important to you.

OffScreen is a beautifully-designed app for the iPhone and iPad that humanizes the way it reports statistics of your device usage. Not only does the app track screen time, but you can set goals, track your progress, and gain insights into your use patterns with built-in, understandable details like Pickups, Checking Every, Walking Life, Stationary Life, Last Pickup, First Pickup, Best Break and Sleep Time. It’s a holistic overview of your time that gives you the tools you need to form better habits.

OffScreen also helps you focus on your work. The app supports Pomodoro timers, countdowns, and cumulative time counters. Once you start a timer and put your phone down, OffScreen will remind you to get back to work with a notification, if you pick it up. Of course, if there are apps you need for your work, you can whitelist just those apps. OffScreen has terrific white noise options to help you concentrate on your tasks too.

To keep you on track and assist you with spotting long-term trends, OffScreen provides reports too. You’ll find detailed historical information beautifully displayed using charts generated for certain days, weeks, months, or years. You can also navigate your data from a calendar view to quickly jump to a particular day, and statistics are sharable.

Download OffScreen today on the App Store to take control of your iPhone use and focus on real life.

Our thanks to OffScreen for sponsoring MacStories this week.

Streaks Workout: Work Out in Your Home with No Equipment [Sponsor]

Streaks Workout is the app that will help you get in shape, even when you’re stuck at home.

It creates randomized workouts you can do at home with no equipment, or you can create your own custom workouts and custom exercises!

If you’re an Apple Music subscriber, Streaks Workout will automatically play upbeat workout tunes during your iPhone/iPad workouts.

You can also work out on your Apple Watch or Apple TV, and there are no subscription fees.

The coolest part: if you start a workout on your TV, iPad, or iPhone, the app will automatically start the heart tracker on your Apple Watch!

Don’t let being stuck at home stop you from working out. Learn more, and download Streaks Workout today.

Our thanks to Streaks Workout for sponsoring MacStories this week.

Readdle: Creating Essential Apps for Your iPhone, iPad, and Mac [Sponsor]

Since the first day that the App Store threw open its virtual doors, Readdle has been there, providing customers with category-defining productivity apps.

Those apps, including Readdle’s current lineup of Spark (iOS and Mac), PDF Expert, Calendars, Scanner Pro, and Documents, are beloved by users worldwide, having been downloaded over 140 million times. Readdle’s apps have garnered multiple awards and recognition from Apple and been covered by every major tech news outlet. It’s a storied history of an independent company of 190 people dedicated to helping customers be more productive and efficient by unlocking the power of technology.

Based in Ukraine and with an office in Berlin, Readdle is continually innovating and exploring new ways to solve its users’ problems. For example, the company was at the forefront of implementing drag and drop functionality between its suite of apps on the iPad before it was a system feature. The company has also pioneered collaborative, team-based email with Spark and cutting-edge PDF editing tools with PDF Expert across all of Apple’s platforms.

Just as critical as its transformative technology, though, is Readdle’s commitment to user trust. Unlike many of its competitors, Readdle doesn’t rely on ads in its apps, which are notoriously privacy-hostile.

With over a decade of experience on the App Store, Readdle isn’t sitting still. Its five flagship apps continue to evolve and improve. New powerful features and design changes are on the horizon for each of its products.

Whether you’re new to Readdle’s apps or simply haven’t tried them recently, now is a great time to download them on any of Apple’s platforms. This week, you’ll hear more about Spark, which brings the power of collaboration to bear on the age-old problem of managing email messages, and PDF Expert, a unique way to read, annotate, and edit PDFs. However, be sure to also try Calendars, which was recently updated with video conferencing integration, Scanner Pro, which The New York Times described as the best mobile scanner app, and Documents, an all-in-one file manager, media player, and downloader.

With Readdle, your essential productivity needs are fulfilled with innovative apps you can trust. Download Spark (iOS and Mac), PDF Expert, Calendars, Scanner Pro, and Documents today on the App Store.

Our thanks to Readdle for sponsoring all of our WWDC coverage here and on AppStories this week.

HomeDash: HomeKit Dashboards [Sponsor]

HomeDash is the ultimate HomeKit app for the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. With it, you can create custom dashboards to monitor all of your HomeKit-connected devices and take your home automation setup to the next level.

The app is beautifully designed, making navigation of even large collections of devices easy. What’s more, its flexible and highly-customizable UI allows you to set up your dashboards to fit your particular needs and home. It’s a combination that makes HomeDash a superior solution for managing your HomeKit devices.

With HomeDash you can control multiple devices, build widgets for devices, rooms, groups, or even your entire home. Of course, the app also supports all of HomeKit’s features like scenes and automations. Scenes can be arranged in folders, too, providing an added layer of organization. However, it’s the multi-device support that really sets HomeDash apart because with just a single tap it lets you control multiple devices, groups, rooms, and more instead of controlling them one at a time.

HomeDash’s Watch app can store your ten favorite scenes, allowing you to access them on the go easily. You can even shut down all of your devices at once by force touching HomeDash’s Watch app UI. It’s a terrific one-tap shortcut for shutting down your home at the end of the day.

This week only, MacStories readers can purchase HomeDash for just $9.99. This is a rare opportunity to get this incredibly powerful app at a significant discount. So don’t wait, use this link to download HomeDash today and take control of your HomeKit devices with powerful, customized dashboards.

Our thanks to HomeDash for sponsoring MacStories this week.

Yes Plz: Great Coffee, Delivered to Your Door [Sponsor]

With Yes Plz you can enjoy coffee bar-caliber quality in your own kitchen — and it’s easy when you start with great beans. The best cup of coffee you ever drink should be one you brewed yourself.

Every week Yes Plz releases a new fresh batch from the top coffee farms, expertly roasted, and delivered to your door. Set up a subscription to get coffee weekly, fortnightly, or just when you need it — pause or cancel anytime. No commitments, no fuss.

Delicious beans with no corners cut from longtime leaders of coffee’s “third wave” movement. Try a bag and you’ll be convinced. MacStories readers can take $5 off their first order by signing up here today or using promo code MACSTORIES at check out.

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