iPhone 5 Lines Around The World

As the iPhone 5 begins its international rollout, lines have begun forming at Apple retail stores in preparation of tomorrow’s launch.

The iPhone 5, announced at a media event on September 12, will go on sale tomorrow at 8 am in nine countries: US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. The iPhone 5 is a major upgrade from the iPhone 4S: it features a taller, 4-inch screen, a faster processor, an improved camera, better audio, and a thinner, lighter design with an aluminum back and glass inlays. Apple launched online pre-orders for the device last Friday, and in the first 24 hours the iPhone 5 topped two million pre-orders.

As we've done for every recent Apple product launch, we’re collecting some of the best photos and videos of customers waiting in line at their Apple stores. We’ll be updating this post throughout the next 24 hours; come back later for the latest updates and photos from around the globe.

If you want to send us photos or videos from your local Apple store, send us an email at: tips at macstories.net

Our friend Dario Caliendo of Italian website Fanpage.it is in Paris for the launch of the iPhone 5. Below, a picture from the Opera Apple Store this afternoon.

Fanpage.it also shares a photo from London, where there seems to be a fairly long line already.

Italian website iSpazio shares a photo of people waiting in line at the Apple Store in Nice, France.

Reader Parth Debar sent us photos from the current line at the Apple Store in Palo Alto, US.

Reader Gerry sent us a photo from the Leawood Apple Store.

A few images coming in from Japan, where the iPhone 5 will officially launch within minutes (7:45 AM of September 21st in Tokyo at the moment of writing this).

The line for the iPhone 5 at the Sendai Ichibancho Apple Store. (fishfight on Instagram)

Instagram user yasu_yua shares an interesting photo of a peculiar character waiting in line in Japan.

Reader @belquhood sent us some photos from the line at the Apple Store in Munich.

Peter Saward shares of a photo of the first customer to get an iPhone 5 at Sydney Apple Store.

iSpazio has more photos, including one from the Apple Store in Frankfurt, Germany.

Reader Moseley Maroli sent us a panorama shot of the front part of the line at the Broadway store in Sydney, Australia.

Photos from the Stockton Street Apple Store in San Francisco, courtesy of Steve Streza.

Steven Ringrose sends the below line photo (click for full-size) in from the Highcross Apple Store in Leicester (UK).