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Do We Really Need Tweetie 2 for Mac?

Last week I wrote that Tweetie 2 for Mac is alive, and should be released soon. Finally, I would say: after a quite embarrassing “MacHeist beta” delay and a series of announcements from Brichter himself and other personalities over at Twitter, we should definitely we able to get our hands on Tweetie 2 in a matter of a few months. And I repeat, we should. We don’t have any more information about this besides the fact that the app is alive and will be free under Atebits’ name.

My question is, though: do we really need Tweetie 2? Read more

Tweetie 2 for Mac Is Alive, And It Will Be Free

No one really knows what’s going on with Tweetie 2 for Mac: a first beta should have been out a month after the latest MacHeist, and those who bought the bundle should have been able to get early access to the beta. Then Twitter, Inc. purchased Loren Brichter’s atebits development studio and the Tweetie brand, but decided that only the iPhone version of Tweetie should be Twitter’s official client. While Tweetie for Mac was part of the deal, it wouldn’t be renamed.

So what happened to Tweetie 2 for Mac, exactly? We’ve taken a few steps back to re-analyze the situation, as no one is really following all the updates anymore. You can rest assured that Tweetie 2 for Mac is definitely happening, and it’s going to be free. Read more

Did Twitter for iPad Really Kill 3rd Party Clients?

Twitter for iPad came out two weeks ago and everyone’s still talking about it. Well, at least everyone in the Twitter / iOS-related sphere. Why? Because it breaks standards and, at the same time, creates new ones which are going to deeply affect the way we think of native applications for iPad. In a way, I think Loren Brichter managed to reinvent the whole Twitter wheel on Apple’s magical tablet, but I’ve already written a blog post about this. I’m not here to re-celebrate the innovations of Twitter for iPad. Instead, I’d like to focus on the impact that this app had (and is having) on 3rd party clients, from a casual user and geek perspective. Read more

Guess What, Twitter for iPad Is Apple’s App of the Week

As if providing a great app that sets new standards on the iPad wasn’t enough, Apple has now decided to feature Twitter in the App Store homepage by choosing it as App of the Week.

What’s interesting is that Apple usually doesn’t feature apps in that section is such a short time (the app was released two days ago), but I guess that they knew about the app and they knew that it would rock. I wouldn’t be surprised if Brichter chose some folks over at the App Review Team as beta testers.

Anyway, great job. Go download the app, it’s free. And now, let’s wait for Tweetie 2 for Mac - again.

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Congratulations, Twitter: You Blew It. [Tweetie]

Writing about Tweetie for Mac updates has become some sort of a joke to me. “Tweetie for Mac has been updated? Yeah, sure.” That’s why many people last night didn’t initially believe Twitter actually pushed an update with OAuth support, and once they realized it was real, they just didn’t update. Why? Because they’re not trusting Loren Brichter anymore. And considering what happened to Tweetie for Mac last night, go prove them wrong.

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Tweetie for Mac Updated with OAuth Support [UPDATE: New Build Available]

I almost can’t believe I’m writing this: Tweetie for Mac has been updated. Sadly, it’s not the long awaited Tweetie 2, but at least it’s got OAuth support, meaning that the app won’t die when Twitter will officially kill the old authentication system.

Since Twitter acquired Loren Brichter’s Tweetie for iPhone and Mac, we all feared that the new team would only focus on the iPhone app, leaving Mac users behind with a version based on a deprecated authentication system. Knowing that they didn’t even have plans to make it an official client didn’t help either. Then, two weeks ago we reported that an update for the Mac version was on its way this month, and here it is: a rather minor update that brings OAuth, better Magic Mouse support and removes Fusion Ads according to Twitter’s new Terms of Service.

It’s kind of surprising though that there’s still no official word about the 2 version (we don’t want that much, a tweet would be enough) especially considering that thousands of users entered the latest MacHeist sale just to get their hands on an early beta version of Tweetie 2 for Mac. But, we heard some rumors last week from a source close to Loren, who claims that he’s up to “some amazing stuff for Tweetie”. I bet he is. Working at Twitter must be awesome.

Anyway, that’s not the point. There’s a new version, go check for updates, Tweetie for Mac won’t die. At this point, I’m afraid to say it’s enough.

You can find the changelog of the new 1.2.7 version after the break.

[UPDATE] They’ve pushed another build that fixes the authentication problems, 1.2.8. It’s available here. Still, you know my position about this.

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