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Steve Jobs Says They’re Taking A “Giant Leap To Driverless Printing”

Ok, so AirPrint’s removal from OS X 10.6.5 left a few people disappointed. Users were expecting to be able to print from iOS 4.2 to any printer shared through a Mac or PC, but the feature didn’t make the cut in the final version of 10.6.5. Sure, you can achieve the same functionality using 3rd party tools like Printopia, but unofficial tweaks – even if well developed and stable – are never quite like Apple’s own implementation. In the case of AirPrint, mostly because it takes huge resources and teams to achieve stable and fast driverless printing.

That is exactly what Steve Jobs allegedly told a MacRumors forum member in a recent email exchange. Apple is doing the best they can to re-introduce the feature in the next iterations of OS X, and we have to wait. Read more

iWork Apps for iPad Updated to Support iOS 4.2, Now Available For Download

Just as expected, Apple has released an update for all the three iWork apps currently available on the iPad: Pages, Numbers and Keynote reach version 1.3, which adds support for iOS 4.2 and AirPrint. The updates are rolling out in iTunes now.

Support for iOS 4.2 and AirPrint has been deployed in all the apps, although each of them has got unique new features in the update, too. As far as AirPrint is concerned, version 1.3 includes slide range selection, number of copies, and duplex printing. The three apps also come with Portuguese, Danish, Finnish, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, and Traditional Chinese localization, bug fixes and overall performance improvements. WebDAV server fixes have been included as well.

Numbers got an enhanced print preview to adjust the the way a sheet is printed across multiple pages, together with a predictive function selector and improved PDF export support. Keynote comes with an enhanced presenter that allows you to display on an external monitor the current slide, the next slide, or your notes. It also got the ability to import and add existing notes to slides. Pages got automatic pagination of tables exceeding page breaks and improved font size selection.

Pages, Keynote and Numbers are available here, here and here, respectively.Pages 1.3 still hasn’t made it through the App Store, we’ll update this post once it’s live. Check out the full changelogs below. [image via Macworld]

Update: Pages 1.3 is live in the App Store.

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Printopia: Finally An App That Lets Me Enable AirPrint On OS X

Since Apple removed AirPrint support from OS X 10.6.5 (we’re referring to support for shared printers, which was enabled in earlier 10.6.5 beta versions), many tweaks and apps to re-activate the functionality have surfaced on the internet. We’ve covered some of them, such as the AirPrint Hacktivator, but in my personal experience I’ve found these hacks to be unreliable at best. I’ve tried many of them, and I don’t know why – after some time they just stop working for me. Perhaps my local network isn’t stable enough, perhaps I have issues with 10.6.5. I don’t know. But thing is, these apps and tweaks stop working after a couple of print sessions.

Yesterday I found out about this new app for Mac, Printopia, which the Ecamm developers tout as the simplest way to enable AirPrint for every printer you have configured on your Mac, together with the possibility to print from an iOS device to a local directory on your Mac and Dropbox. Read more

Create PDFs From Any iOS Device

Create PDFs From Any iOS Device

I’ve decided to take it a step further for those who want to “print” but remain paperless: Print to a PDF. And not only print to a PDF, but then immediately have that PDF accessible to the same device.

Great tip over at TUAW. Not only you’ll be able to create PDFs inside apps that support AirPrint, you’ll end up having the document available in Dropbox with just one tap.


Activate AirPrint On OS X 10.6.5 With One Click

Even though it is believed that people nowadays don’t print much (I surely don’t), Apple’s removal of support for AirPrint shared printing on the latest version of OS X, 10.6.5, raised a few eyebrows. They had announced the feature, but they didn’t deliver with 10.6.5 – even if previous developer version of the OS update had AirPrint enabled.

It seems like it was too unstable to make it to the final version, but some are suggesting the folks at Cupertino are dealing with patent trolling issues for shared printers in AirPrint. We don’t know. Read more

Return AirPrint Sharing To Mac OS X 10.6.5

Return AirPrint Sharing To Mac OS X 10.6.5

Steven Troughton-Smith found a way to make printer sharing work on 10.6.5, but you’ll need an old developer version of the OS to enable it:

The files you need are:


The final key thing is you have to remove and re-add your printer in the Print & Fax preferences pane.


Mac OS X 10.6.5 and AirPrint: Not Found

Just like we previously reported, it looks like Apple removed AirPrint support from 10.6.5. Available to developers in previous beta versions, the feature allowed iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch users on iOS 4.2 to print documents to printers shared via Mac OS X or Windows.

It turns out AirPrint now only works with supported HP printers, as noted by Macworld and Ars Technica. We’re also getting reports from readers who have already installed 10.6.5 (which came out a few minutes ago) confirming that, indeed, AirPrint to shared printers from iOS 4.2 GM isn’t working. Read more

Steve Jobs: “AirPrint Has Not Been Pulled”

Last night we reported some developers on Apple’s forums noticed information about AirPrint through shared printers on Macs and PCs has been mysteriously removed from Apple’s online printing documentation. According to those developers, Apple Tech Support chimed in as well claiming that AirPrint through shared printers had been cancelled from the upcoming 10.6.5.

So it’s not that AirPrint has been pulled. Rumor has it Apple may have cancelled or delayed the functionality through a printer shared on Mac or Windows. Read more