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Instapaper 2.3.1 Adds AirPrint Support, Improves Sharing

Developer Marco Arment has been working hard on improving Instapaper since he quit his job at Tumblr to work fulltime on his reading platform. Instapaper 2.3 was released two weeks ago with speed improvements and OmniFocus integration, version 2.3.1 (released last night) adds AirPrint support for iOS 4.2.1 users and introduces a redesigned sharing interface that shows icons for Instapaper-compatible apps.

List of apps that support Instapaper:

  • Twitter apps: Twitter, Twitterrific, Echofon, Twittelator, Seesmic, SimplyTweet, Birdhouse.
  • Sharing apps: Tumblr, Shareables, Yummy, Delibar.
  • Reading apps: QuickReader, GoodReader.
  • Productivity apps: OmniFocus, Appigo ToDo, Firetask, Ideawell, Notitas, Notebooks, Terminology.
  • Utilities: Pastebot, Print Magic.
  • Alternative browsers: iCab Mobile, 360 Web Browser, Atomic Web Browser, Full Screen Browser, Sopods Full Screen Web Browser, Offline Pages.

Unfortunately, this update also comes with a bug on iPads running iOS 3.2.x that will cause the app to crash. A fix has already been submitted to Apple and should be available soon.

Instapaper is available at $4.99 in the App Store.Full changelog below.

Instapaper now requires at least iPhone OS 3.1. (Previously, 3.0 was required.)

- Added a map to the auto-dark-mode setting if location-sensing fails so you can manually set your location.

- Added Print feature on iOS 4.2.

- Added app icons to Share panel. (With nice gray ones for dark mode.)

- Supports sending to more apps in Share panel if you have them installed: Shareables, Pastebot, GoodReader, iCab Mobile, 360 Web Browser, Atomic Web Browser, Full Screen Browser, Sopods Full Screen, Offline Pages, Firetask, Ideawell, Appigo ToDo, Notebooks, Notitas, Print Magic, Seesmic, SimplyTweet, Yummy, Delibar, and Terminology. Previous apps are still supported: Tumblr, Twitter, Twitterrific, Birdhouse, Echofon, Twittelator, OmniFocus, QuickReader.

- Fixed errors posting to Twitter.

- Fixed occasional crashes after toggling dark mode or sharing to Tumblr.

- Fixed several interface bugs, including the gray-square bug and the accuracy of the scroll indicator on iPad.

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