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Tube+ Is A Clean and Fast YouTube Client for iPhone

With Apple removing the built-in YouTube app from iOS 6 and Google releasing its own (pretty good) official app on the App Store, we should expect a renewed interest in third-party YouTube clients offering alternative features and designs. Tube+ is one of the first apps to hit with the “new wave” of YouTube clients, and I like it.

Developed by Chocomoko, Tube+ is simpler, both in terms of design and functionalities, than YouTube’s own app, or my favorite third-party client to date, FoxTube. You shouldn’t judge Tube+ by its streamlined appearance, however, as the app has access to some features and options that not even the official YouTube app has (for now). You can use Tube+ with or without a YouTube account; if you log in with your credentials, you’ll gain the possibility to check out your subscriptions, favorites, watch later videos. and uploads. If you don’t log in, you’ll still get access to regular search, Featured, Top Rated, Top Favorites, and Most Popular videos. To get the best experience, I obviously recommend logging into the service with your account.

The interface of Tube+ revolves around three tabs: Videos, Search, and Downloads. I’d like to focus on Downloads right away: unlike many other apps that had to remove a similar functionality, Tube+ (still?) allows you to download videos and keep them in a local cache so you can watch them offline. And the best part is, when you hit the download button on a video page, you’ll be asked to choose the “format you prefer” – you can download at 360p, 720p, 1080p, and all the in-between options YouTube provides. Tube+’s offline caching functionality is simple and effective, but you won’t be able to organize downloaded videos in local playlists or folders.

The main tab, Videos, is where you’ll spend most of your time. Here, you have various options to navigate around YouTube content using the top bar, which, similarly to Tweetbot, is actually made of buttons to change sections. The left button, a profile icon, is used to switch between public contents-only or your account; the button on the right lets you choose the default quality of YouTube videos you’ll stream, from 240p and up to 1080p with an “auto” option that loads videos depending on your Internet connection. Last, the main area of the top bar lets you switch between the aforementioned supported YouTube sections, your subscriptions, and videos you’ve liked or saved for later.

What I like about Tube+ is the control it gives me over the quality of videos I stream and download, but, more importantly, its speed and responsiveness. Tube+ is fast: sections load in a snap, video thumbnails load instantaneously when searching. There is a “load more” button to fetch more content from search, and the developers implemented the new iOS 6 pull-to-refresh mechanism to make it easy to check for updates or simply reload a page (note: Tube+ requires iOS 6). Alongside with notable performance, I appreciate the decisions behind the feature set of Tube+: again, it’s not as rich as YouTube or FoxTube, but you can still subscribe to channels and add videos to playlists, share videos with your friends, write comments, like, dislike, and mark a video as favorite.

There are some things I think Tube+ could do better. Firstly, I don’t like how, when sharing on Facebook or iMessage, the app uses its own short URL instead of regular YouTube links. This is particularly inconvenient for services that generate thumbnail previews only for YouTube URLs, like Twitter and Facebook. Second, I’d like to see an option to easily open an uploader’s video page – this is something that FoxTube still gets perfectly right in my opinion.

Overall, Tube+ offers a clean and fast experience – particularly if you use search a lot, you’re going to notice the speed of the app compared to Google’s official YouTube client. Tube+ doesn’t have the same amount of features YouTube and FoxTube have (for instance, there’s no separation of videos and channels in search results), but at $0.99 with offline caching, a good feature set and an elegant design, you should definitely consider Tube+.

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