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Twelve South PlugBug Combines Charging with iPad/iPhone and MacBook

Twelve South, the company behind the Compass, BookBook, BaseJump and many other great products, has released the PlugBug, an iPad/iPhone wall charger that connects onto the MacBook’s Power Adapter, allowing you to charge a MacBook and an iPad/iPhone at the same time from only one power outlet. The PlugBug fits all MacBook Power Adapters too.

Snap the PlugBug onto any MacBook Power Adapter and now have one device that can be a lifesaver when you need to charge both your MacBook and your iPad or iPhone. A great idea when traveling, at work or anywhere you want to charge 2 devices with one plugin. Video after the break.

The PlugBug uses 10 watts of power that will charge your hardware as fast as possible. Not only will PlugBug provide you with the proper charge, it will charge your iPad up to twice as fast as many competing chargers. The PlugBug is always connected to your MacBook charger so no need to bring your iOS device’s charger with you. But if you only need an iOS device charger, simply disconnect the PlugBug from your MacBook Power Adapter and use it as a standalone device.

Andrew Green, Creative Director at Twelve South, said, “PlugBug is a dream product for us. It improves on MacBook’s own Power Adapter, adds a completely new idea to iPad/iPhone chargers, and it simplifies the lives of die-hard Apple fans – like me – who carry multiple Apple devices wherever they go.”

Why is the PlugBug red? Guy Kawasaki, author and original Mac Evangelist, gets the credit. Kawasaki insisted that the PlugBug be red so that it could be viewable from across the room, wherever you are. “Kawasaki Red” PlugBug was born.

Don’t live in the U.S. or Canada? You can still use the PlugBug. It converts any non-U.S. MacBook Power Adapter into a North American-compatible adapter. The PlugBug is available now on Twelve South’s website for $34.99.

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