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iOS Devices Ready for Enterprise says Forrester

As Apple captures corporate America with the success of the iPad, the highly regarded security of iOS 4 devices has gained Forrester's go ahead for deployment by enterprise users. Sure RIM takes the cake with the most secure BlackBerry OS, but now that the iPhone meets the basic security requirements, Apple may see some highly valued adoption from our nations most cautious IT gurus.

Forrester analyst Andrew Jaquith claims that, "The decision to support the iPhone and iPad in your enterprise is an easy call. Your rank-and-file employees want it, and your executives have likely already made many special requests to your IT team."

"With the right policies and technical controls, you can operate Apple mobile devices at least as securely as the typical corporate laptop, without malware and with an insurance policy (remote wipe) against theft or loss."

Although I would imagine Jailbreaking your device would be a grave concern for any corporation looking to keep their iPhones under lock-and-key consider how easy and tempting it is. But that's of minor concern considering all the awesome applications (games) your employees be charging to the company card, or the time wasted playing Plants vs. Zombies. Your call America!

[via 9 to 5 Mac]