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Apple Rolls Out Updated Apple Maps with Nationwide Look Around, Improved Navigation, and More in Italy

Earlier this summer Apple began testing the expansion of its updated Maps data in Italy, a rollout that started with North America before continuing in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, and Portugal. Today, the company officially launched its new Maps data in Italy, San Marino, Vatican City, and Andorra, along with a host of related features.

In one update, the entire region is gaining features that were released elsewhere over the past two years, including:

  • Look Around
  • More detailed road coverage, pedestrian data, and land cover
  • Improved navigation
  • 3D buildings
  • Siri Natural Language Guidance
  • Speed camera data
  • Lane guidance
  • And more

Apple’s senior vice president of Service Eddy Cue said of the update:

Apple Maps is the best way to explore and navigate the world, all while protecting your privacy, and we’re excited to bring this experience to even more users with today’s rollout. We have rebuilt the map from the ground up, with better navigation, richer detail, more accurate information for places, and remarkable features that only Apple can deliver, including Look Around, Siri Natural Language Guidance, and more. Now it is easier than ever for users in Italy to find the places they love and get to where they’re going even faster and easier.”

When iOS 15 is released, transit stations in Italy will be easier to find, and riders will be able to pin their favorite transit lines in Maps and track when they should disembark on an iPhone or Apple Watch. Drivers will gain the ability to report accidents, hazards, and speed checks using Siri too.

What’s more, the updates aren’t limited to urban areas like Rome or Milan. Apple’s Maps data has been updated nationwide, which will improve travel throughout the region.

I’ve covered the expansion of Maps in the US over the past two summers, and although I was aware Apple was remapping Italy, I didn’t expect such an extensive update so soon.

Italy, San Marino, Vatican City, and Andorra are getting what appears to be two years of features all at once, with more on the way with iOS 15. Features like lane guidance, Siri Natural Language Guidance, and Look Around, along with the richer detail available with the updated maps, make using Maps a much better experience than it was a couple of years ago. I suspect that getting all those features at one time will make Maps feel like a brand new app for many people.

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