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A Complete List of All the Magazines Available for Apple News+ in the U.S. (So Far)

Earlier today, Apple launched Apple News+, a new subscription-based service to gain access to hundreds of magazines in the Apple News app for $9.99/month. You can read my overview and first impressions here.

After taking an initial look at Apple News+ with my US Apple ID and noticing the differences between Apple News Format-optimized magazines and standard “PDF-like” ones, I thought it’d be interesting and useful to compile the full list of all magazines currently available to Apple News+ subscribers in the US.

Below, you will find the complete list of all 251 magazines that are available for Apple News+ in the United States. The list was compiled by checking all the magazines featured in the ‘Browse the Catalog’ section of Apple News+ as well as individual categories. Apple advertises “300 publications” as being available in Apple News+; I believe that the list below is shorter for two reasons:

  • These are only magazines. I didn’t count newspapers (The Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times) and digital publishers.
  • Apple News+ just launched. Some magazines may not have gone live yet. In fact, I had to add a few more right before posting this article.

To create this list, I manually opened each magazine and annotated whether its latest issue was using Apple News Format or the standard, PDF-like format. Magazines that support Apple News Format are labeled with “(ANF)” in the list. The split between Apple News Format magazines and standard magazines is fairly even: 125 magazines are using the richer Apple News Format in their latest issue, while 126 of them are relying on traditional PDFs (likely the format the old Texture service was using).

In simpler terms, this means that 49.8% of the magazines I counted in this list are using Apple News Format. As I wrote in my overview earlier today, I hope more and more publishers will switch to the mobile-friendly, more versatile Apple News Format in future issues.

That being said, you can find the complete list of 251 magazines I found in Apple News+ below. If I missed any, please let me know.

  1. ABC Soaps In Depth (standard)
  2. ADWeek (ANF)
  3. Afar (standard)
  4. AirBnB Magazine (ANF)
  5. All About History (standard)
  6. All About Space (standard)
  7. Allrecipes (ANF)
  8. Allure (ANF)
  9. Alta Magazine (ANF)
  10. American History (standard)
  11. Animal Tales (standard)
  12. Architectural Digest (ANF)
  13. Ask Magazine (standard)
  14. The Atlantic (ANF)
  15. Automobile (ANF)
  16. Babybug Magazine (standard)
  17. Backpacker Magazine (ANF)
  18. BBC Countryfile Magazine (standard)
  19. BBC Gardener’s World Magazine (standard)
  20. BBC Sky at Night Magazine (ANF)
  21. BBC Wildlife Magazine (ANF)
  22. Better Homes & Gardens (ANF)
  23. Bicyling (ANF)
  24. Bike (standard)
  25. Billboard (standard)
  26. Birds and Blooms (ANF)
  27. Bloomberg Businessweek (ANF)
  28. Boating (standard)
  29. Bon Appetit (ANF)
  30. Boys’ Life (standard)
  31. BRIDES (ANF)
  32. Canadian Cycling (standard)
  33. Canadian Running (ANF)
  34. Car and Driver (ANF)
  35. CBS Soaps In Depth (standard)
  36. Chatelaine (ANF)
  37. Classic Rock (standard)
  38. Clean Eating (standard)
  39. Click Magazine (standard)
  40. Closer Weekly (standard)
  41. CNET (standard)
  42. Cobblestone Magazine (standard)
  43. Computer Arts (standard)
  44. Computer Music (standard)
  45. Conde Nast Traveler (ANF)
  46. Consumer Reports (standard)
  47. Cosmopolitan (ANF)
  48. Cottage Life (standard)
  49. Country Living (ANF)
  50. Country Gardens (ANF)
  51. Cowboys & Indians Magazine (ANF)
  52. Cricket Magazine (standard)
  53. Cruising World (standard)
  54. The Cut (ANF)
  55. Cycle World (standard)
  56. Bike Radar (ANF)
  57. Deer & Deer Hunting (standard)
  58. Diabetes Self Management (standard)
  59. Diabetic Living (ANF)
  60. Digital Camera World (standard)
  61. Digital Photographer (standard)
  62. Do-It-Yourself Magazine (ANF)
  63. Domino (standard)
  64. Dwell (standard)
  65. Eating Well (ANF)
  66. Ebony (standard)
  67. EDGE (standard)
  68. ELLE (ANF)
  69. Elle Decor (ANF)
  70. Entertainment Weekly (ANF)
  71. Entrepreneur (ANF)
  72. ESPN (ANF)
  73. Esquire (ANF)
  75. Faces Magazine (standard)
  77. Family Circle (ANF)
  78. Family Tree (standard)
  79. Fast Company (ANF)
  80. The Family Handyman (ANF)
  81. Field & Stream (standard)
  82. First For Women (standard)
  83. Flying (ANF)
  84. FOOD & WINE (ANF)
  85. Food Network Magazine (ANF)
  86. Forbes (standard)
  88. FourFourTwo (standard)
  89. Future Music (standard)
  90. Garden & Gun (ANF)
  91. Gardens Illustrated (standard)
  92. Girls’ Life (standard)
  93. Girls’ World (standard)
  94. Gluten-Free Living (standard)
  95. Golf Digest (ANF)
  96. Golf (ANF)
  97. Golf Tips (standard)
  98. Good Housekeeping (ANF)
  99. GQ (ANF)
  100. Gripped (ANF)
  101. Guitarist (standard)
  102. Guitar Player (standard)
  103. Guitar World (standard)
  104. Harper’s Bazaar (ANF)
  105. (ANF)
  106. Heed Magazine (standard)
  107. HGTV Magazine (ANF)
  108. The Hockey News (ANF)
  109. The Hollywood Reporter (ANF)
  110. Homes & Antiques (standard)
  111. HOT ROD (ANF)
  112. House & Home (standard)
  113. House Beautiful (ANF)
  114. How it Works (standard)
  115. ID Magazine (standard)
  116. ImagineFX (standard)
  117. Inc. Magazine (standard)
  118. InStyle (ANF)
  119. In The Moment (standard)
  120. In Touch Weekly (standard)
  121. J-14 (standard)
  122. Ladybug Magazine (standard)
  123. Life & Style Weekly (standard)
  124. Linux Format (standard)
  125. Living the Country Life (ANF)
  126. Luxe Interiors + Design (ANF)
  127. MacFormat (standard)
  128. Maclean’s (ANF)
  129. MacLife (standard)
  130. Macworld (ANF)
  131. The Magnolia Journal (standard)
  132. Make: (standard)
  133. Marie Claire (ANF)
  134. Marlin (standard)
  135. Martha Stewart Living (ANF)
  136. Maxim (standard)
  137. Men’s Health (ANF)
  138. Men’s Journal (standard)
  139. Metal Hammer (standard)
  140. Midwest Living (ANF)
  141. Money (ANF)
  142. Mother Jones (ANF)
  144. Motorcylist (standard)
  145. Mountain Biking UK (standard)
  146. Muse Magazine (standard)
  147. N-Photo (standard)
  148. National Geographic (ANF)
  149. History (standard)
  150. National Geographic Kids (standard)
  151. National Geographic Little Kids (standard)
  152. National Geographic Traveler (standard)
  153. National Review (ANF)
  154. Naturally Danny Seo (standard)
  155. Net Magazine (standard)
  156. The New Republic (standard)
  157. Newsweek (ANF)
  158. New York Magazine (ANF)
  159. The New Yorker (ANF)
  160. O, The Oprah Magazine (ANF)
  161. OK! (standard)
  162. Ottawa (ANF)
  163. Out (ANF)
  164. Outdoor Life (standard)
  165. Outdoor Photographer (standard)
  166. Outside (ANF)
  167. Oxygen (standard)
  168. Parents (ANF)
  169. Parents Latina (ANF)
  170. PC Gamer (standard)
  171. PCMag (ANF)
  172. PCWorld (ANF)
  173. People (ANF)
  174. People en Espanol (standard)
  175. Period Living (standard)
  176. PhotoPlus (standard)
  177. The Pioneer Woman (ANF)
  178. PlayStation Magazine (standard)
  179. Popular Mechanics (ANF)
  180. Popular Science (ANF)
  181. Popular Woodworking (standard)
  182. Prevention (ANF)
  183. Racer Magazine (standard)
  184. Rachael Ray Every Day (ANF)
  185. Reader’s Digest (ANF)
  186. Real Homes (standard)
  187. Real Simple (ANF)
  188. Reminisce (ANF)
  189. Retro Gamer (standard)
  190. Road & Track (ANF)
  191. Rolling Stone (standard)
  192. Runner’s World (ANF)
  193. Sailing World (standard)
  194. Salt Water Sportsman (standard)
  195. Saveur (standard)
  196. Scientific American - News (ANF)
  197. SFX (standard)
  198. Shape (ANF)
  199. SKI (standard)
  200. Sky & Telescope (standard)
  201. Sound & Vision (standard)
  202. Southern Living (ANF)
  203. Spider Magazine (standard)
  204. Sport Fishing (standard)
  205. Sports Illustrated (ANF)
  206. Sports Illustrated for Kids (standard)
  207. STAR (standard)
  208. Stereophile (standard)
  209. Successful Farming (ANF)
  210. Sunset (standard)
  211. Surfer (standard)
  212. T3 (standard)
  213. Taste of Home (ANF)
  214. Tennis (standard)
  215. Texas Monthly (ANF)
  216. The Walrus (ANF)
  217. The Week (ANF)
  218. This Old House (ANF)
  219. TIME (ANF)
  220. Today’s Parent (ANF)
  221. Toronto Life (ANF)
  222. Total Film (standard)
  223. Total Guitar (standard)
  224. Town & Country (ANF)
  225. Traditional Home (ANF)
  226. Travel + Leisure (ANF)
  227. Triathlon (ANF)
  229. Us Weekly (ANF)
  230. Vanity Fair (ANF)
  231. Variety (ANF)
  232. Veranda (ANF)
  233. Vogue (ANF)
  234. W Magazine (ANF)
  235. Web Designer (standard)
  236. Weddingbells (ANF)
  237. Who Do You Think You Are? (ANF)
  238. Wine Enthusiast (standard)
  239. WIRED (ANF)
  240. Woman’s Day (ANF)
  241. Woman’s World (standard)
  242. Women’s Health (ANF)
  243. Wood (ANF)
  244. Working Mother (standard)
  245. Xbox 360 Magazine (standard)
  246. Yachting (standard)
  247. Yoga Journal (standard)
  248. ZOOMER (ANF)
  249. 220 Triathlon (standard)
  250. 3D World (standard)
  251. 3D Artist (standard)

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