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Reeder for Mac Vs. Fitts’s Law

Reeder for Mac Vs. Fitts’s Law

It’s finally happened. Someone came out with a Mac OS application that’s clearly a touch UI crowbarred into a point-and-click universe.

And it doesn’t work.

The application in question is Reeder, a Google Reader client for Mac OS X. Yes, it looks pretty, and I feel kind of bad for making an example of it, especially since it’s in early beta.

The whole analysis is basically about the “misplacement” or “small size” of Reeder’s sharing and feed management buttons. Honestly, I haven’t really ever clicked on the wrong button because of this use of the laws, nor do I know of other users complaining about this very specific problem.

But hey, it’s in early beta. Perhaps Silvio Rizzi will follow Fitts’s Law come the final version. You know, just to prove that with the correct adjustments, apps coming from iOS can work on the Mac. [via Daring Fireball]