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Editorial for iPad

Ole Zorn is finally talking about his upcoming new app, Editorial, publicly on his website:

I tweeted earlier today that I've registered the name for a new app in iTunes Connect. It's called Editorial, and I've actually been working on this for over a year now.

At its core, it's a Markdown editor for iPad, but you can also think of it as a Pythonista spinoff, or a workflow automation tool, not unlike Automator.

I say "finally" because I have been testing Editorial since November 2012. All my reviews have been written and edited with Editorial; I have built workflows that, for me, make working with text on the iPad better than using Sublime Text 2 on my MacBook Air. When I'm on my Mac, I miss Editorial's automation and editing features. And if I haven't posted a screenshot of my iPad's Home screen in a while, it's because I had Editorial in my dock and I couldn't share it.

Ole Zorn is the developer of Pythonista, which I have written extensively about. I can't wait to share more about Editorial.