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Apple Music and Sonos Launch Collaborative Ad Campaign

Following the launch of Apple Music on Sonos earlier this week, the companies have launched an ad campaign to highlight the benefits of music in daily lives. Mikey Campbell, reporting for AppleInsider:

The marketing effort — dubbed “Music Makes it Home” — draws on statistics from a wide-ranging, multi-country Sonos study of 30,000 families that found positive correlations in listening to music and overall quality of life. As UK publication Marketing reports, the survey discovered music benefits sexual activity, relationship satisfaction, mood, happiness and other metrics.

To present the data in easily digestible TV spots and social media posts, the companies invited 30 families to take part in a social experiment that restricted each of the 109 participants from listening to music in the house for one week. After the prescribed deprivation period, music was reintroduced courtesy of Apple Music playing on a wireless Sonos system. Along with families in eight countries, celebrities St Vincent, Run the Jewels’ Killer Mike and The National’s Matt Berninger also took part in the study.

Interestingly, iPhones, Apple Watches, motion-activated cameras, and iBeacons were used to gather a variety of data during the experiment. Apple and Sonos have also launched a Tumblr blog with a collection of photos and descriptions of the families involved. A full breakdown of numbers and recorded stats is available here.