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MacRumors Posts Leaked Photos Of Alleged Taller iPod touch Panel

MacRumors Posts Leaked Photos Of Alleged Taller iPod touch Panel

Eric Slivka, reporting for MacRumors:

In line with today’s claims of taller iPhone prototypes with 3.95-inch displays, one of our sources has provided us with images of what are claimed to be new next-generation iOS device parts being carried by a supplier. The most significant of these parts is a claimed front panel from the next-generation iPod touch, with the supplier claiming that the display would be taller than the current model and measure in at 4.1 inches diagonally.

Rumors of Apple gearing up to release a new iPhone with a bigger screen have been extremely persistent, albeit discordant in the past few weeks. Last week, The Wall Street Journal claimed Apple was ordering new screens for an iPhone measuring “at least 4 inches diagonally”; Reuters, on the other hand, said the new iPhone will measure “4 inches from corner to corner”. This morning, 9to5mac published a report claiming that Apple is internally testing an iPhone (codename N41AP) with a bigger, 640 x 1136 screen “very close to a 16:9 screen ratio”.

Of course, rumors of the iPhone getting a screen overhaul are nothing new. Here’s an allegedly leaked part from February 2011; a design document from March 2011; and here’s a report that, back in April 2011, suggested Apple’s “iPhone 5” (that turned out to be the iPhone 4S), would carry a bigger, 3.7-inch screen with a thinner design.

Since last year, we at MacStories have decided to refrain from posting the majority of “reports” and rumors that come out on a weekly basis depicting allegedly leaked parts, codenames, design documents, and theories from people familiar with the matter. Today’s photos from MacRumors, however, provide an interesting point of discussion as they effectively show a “leaked” component, and suggest Apple may be willing to increase the size of all iOS devices, not just the iPhone.

Check out the photos here.

For further discussion on the matter of iOS and bigger screens, check out Dan Provost’s mockups of a 16:9 iPhone, Rene Ritchie’s excellent roundup of possible ramifications for a 4-inch iPhone, and these other mockups from The Verge Forums.


MacStories & Everyme Giveaway: Win an iPod touch

Yesterday we posted a review of Everyme, a new social app that aims at allowing users to communicate with friends and family through Circles. Everyme wants to help people keep in touch with friends, co-workers, family members, or high-school friends they actually care about. The developers want its users to be able to easily share with a private group of people, without all of the manual effort it takes in the way that Google+ does it. They are leveraging data from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the address book.

Everyme wants to give one lucky MacStories reader a way to keep in touch with their Circles. To enter, simply follow the rules below and if you haven’t downloaded Everyme yet, give it a whirl after reading our review. Check out the giveaway rules below.


Thanks to Everyme, we’re able to give away to one lucky MacStories reader a shiny new black 8GB iPod touch. Contestants must be a US citizen (we’re not shipping outside the US).

To enter the giveaway, tweet the following message before 11.59 AM PDT (April  13th):

Win an iPod touch on MacStories:

We will search for tweets and retweets and randomly pick up the winners.

Make sure to follow @macstoriesnet on Twitter so we can get in touch with you once the giveaway is over. If you want to increase your odds of winning, you can also leave a comment to this post.

Winners will be announced on Saturday (April 14th).


UPDATE! The winner of a black 8GB iPod touch is Emily Caffrey. Congrats!

Square-Enix’s Highly Popular Chrono Trigger Now Available for iPhone

Square-Enix has released one of its most popular titles for iPhone today - Chrono Trigger. The heavily popular classic 16-bit jRPG from the Super Nintendo days adds the Dimensional Vortex and Lost Sanctum areas from the Nintendo DS remake for its iPhone release.

So how popular is Square-Enix’s Chrono Trigger? Well, IGN named it the #2 SNES game of all time, behind A Link to the Past. The iPhone port features touch-controlled menus, eight language options and “optimized” graphics for the iPhone. Read more

So How Does Apple Know You’re in the Store?

Long story short: An Apple employee at the Apple Store in Palo Alto, California, spills the beans on how they track customers in their stores. Employees armed with iPod touches get notified when customers enter the stores with their location-aware iPhones (for services like in-store pickup or an appointment), or when customers request help using in-store iPads. All the employee has to do is select a customer in a queue, get their position on an in-store map, and voilà! An an employee walks up to the customer and assists them.

While new Apple Store customers may be dazed by the busy store’s atmosphere and integration with technology, experienced shoppers can take advantage of a unique shopping experience tailored for the customer.

We’re basically seeing the map-side of Apple’s in-store toys like Concierge, Scout, iQueue, etc. This isn’t new technology, but as geeks it’s nice to get behind the scenes sometimes.

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Apple Shares the Fun With New iPod touch Commercial

With the white iPod touch announced, it’s about time Apple time showed off their shiny new “phone without the phone”, giving the likes of Game Center, FaceTime, and iMessage well deserved close-ups in a brand new shell. Picture perfect in every frame, the new white iPod touch will be a hot gift for anyone who wants to stay connected with their friends with free iMessaging or take advantage of all the great apps that iOS has to offer. Thin and lightweight with a respectable video camera for quick home movies, I certainly miss its portability and thinness now that I have an iPhone. Share the fun this holiday season with an iPod touch, too-tight jeans, and a catchy tune that’ll have you dancing and bobbing in your office chair. Apple’s latest commercial can enjoyed on YouTube, or past the break!

[via Macgasm]

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The (Big) Numbers Apple Touted At Their iPhone Event

At yesterday’s iPhone event, Tim Cook took to the stage and as he has done at previous events, he gave the audience an overview of Apple’s business. He ran through various statistics of how the iPhone, iPad, Mac and other aspects of Apple’s business are doing. The numbers he gave were clearly chosen very carefully to shine the best possible light on Apple and were an important premise to the first Apple keynote in which he presides as CEO. But regardless of how carefully chosen, its clear that Apple is doing exceptionally well, virtually across its entire business.

We’ve reviewed the keynote and laid out all the key statistics he showed off into each of Apple’s product categories, so make sure to jump the break to view them all.

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iPod Nano Gets Update, iPod Touch Now in White


Phil Schiller just announced an updated version of the iPod nano. The new model allows users to swipe between much larger icons instead of the previous grid layout with Apple’s Multi-Touch™ user interface. Other notable features include the ability to track walks and runs using  the built in Nike+ fitness app without the need for the Nike+ adapter.

Apple has also added 16 new clock faces for customers that enjoy wearing the iPod nano as a wrist watch. The clock faces have a large variety including classic analog clocks as well as Disney characters that will surely be popular among young children.

The iPod nano models:

  • 8GB for $129
  • 16GB for $149

The iPod touch have some exciting new software features that ship with iOS 5 including iMessage, Game Center, Notifications and Wi-Fi Syncing to iTunes.

The iPod touch now comes in a Black and White model, and it will be available starting October 12th.

  • 8GB for $199
  • 32GB for $299
  • 64GB for $399

The iPod shuffle is also still available in a 2GB model for $49.[Apple Press Release]

Rumor: New iPhone And iPod Touch Models Appear In Apple’s Inventory

Next week’s iPhone event on October 4th is still somewhat of a mystery, with rumors going round and round in circles as to whether Apple will launch a brand new iPhone 5, a slightly upgraded iPhone “4S” or perhaps both. 9to5 Mac claims to have some information on new products that have turned up inside Apple’s internal inventory system. According to their source, there are now three new iPod touch models under the codename N81A, which 9to5 Mac speculates could represent a white variation of the device.

Since there are only new three iPod touch models - at this time – it’s likely that the black models won’t be updated. This also likely means the storage capacities will stay at their current 8GB, 32GB, and 64GB capacities.

What has also appeared is two new iPhone SKUs that are marked as tweaked iPhone 4s. Codenamed N90A (the current iPhone 4 is N90), this could represent a new 8GB version. In previous iOS SDK releases there has been reference to an iPhone with the codename of N94, this has not yet appeared in the inventory. As noted below such a codename would be given to a device with vastly different features and large improvements - rather than just a new white version or a new storage capacity model.

It is very possible that the two SKUs mean black and white models, but that is unconfirmed. We don’t think Apple’s next-generation iPhone – coming next week- would be labeled as an N90A – as it includes major internal hardware upgrades that would typically constitute a new codename.

If you’d like a recap of all the iPhone 5 rumor shenanigans that have occurred over this past year, be sure to have a read of our recap of the more reputable rumors that have been shared around.

[Via 9to5 Mac]