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Roundup: 15 App Store Sales Tracking Apps, Utilities and Services

The AppStore changed Digital Delivery world: while the AppStore is a great service to consumers (daily releases, updates) it represents a huge source of revenue as well for small/big  developers.

So, let's focus on developers: how can they organize their iTunes Connect sales reports? Is there a software which helps tracking app sales? Sure, more than one indeed.

In this roundup I've collected 15 of the best softwares to manage iTunes Connect data. If you know more, I'd love to hear about it in the comments.


First, there are four main kinds of software:



Online ;



App Sales Mobile

App Sales Mobile allows you to download your sales reports with a single tap. You can download both weekly and daily reports which will be updated to your currency.

You can check your daily stats as well, together with revenue percentages and geo location.


appsales_mobile_screen1 (View full size)


appsales_mobile_screen2 (View full size)

App Sales is an open source project, give it a try.

Sales Report

It seems App Sales Mobile, but it's not open source.

Pretty expensive, indeed.


"Unfortunately due to section 3.3.7 of the SDK Agreement I will never be permitted to sell this app on the App Store unless I rip out it’s heart and usefullness. But you can purchase a license to look at the source code, compile it yourself, put it on all the devices you like. For just $15 you can do anything you like with the source, just not sell it or use in any other way commercially."

MyAppSales was rejected by Apple due to section 3.3.7 of the SDK Agreement violation (read developer's words  on his blog) but you can still purchase the source code on dev's website.

And it's absolutely worth the purchase.

MyAppSales has many features: all of your data are stored in iPhone Keychain while internet communication are encrypted via SSL protocol, so you don't have nothing to worry about. Then, unlike App Sales, this app can download weekly and daily reports of both paid and free apps and you can check your total or single-apps revenue.

Not to mention downloads, updates and refunds sections.


myappsales-001-200x300 (View full size)


myappsales-002-200x300 (View full size)


myappsales-003-200x300 (View full size)


myappsales-005-200x300 (View full size)


myappsales-006-200x300 (View full size)


myappsales-008-200x300 (View full size)


myappsales-010-200x300 (View full size)

Other features:

- A variety of charts help you to discover trends;

- Built-in web server for importing and exporting single reports or bulk in ZIP archives;

- Transfer your SQLite database for backup or to analyse the data yourself;

- All amounts conveniently converted into your favorite currency.

Mac Apps

Sales Report

Available both in a trial and paid version, Sales Report enables you to drag & drop your report files into the application interface. Data are sorted "smartly", using weekly reports if daily are missing and without doubling content. It shows a very simple and clear interface with charts and period stats.

Surely better than Clerk.

iPhone Sales Report

25 $

Just like Sales Report, you have to drag & drop the text files you have  downloaded from iTunes. Too simple and too expensive.

AppStore Clerk

A freeware app based on text files, it only provides weekly and daily reports. It support more than one application.


Let's talk about the best desktop app to track appstore sales, Appviz. This app has a lot of cool features: you can choose to display an overvire dashboard or switch to graphs, reports and (this is really cool) users' reviews. You can also check your total revenue, total sales and upgrades.

Other features:

- 44 currencies supported;

- Geo Comparison;

- Data are stored on your local drive.

Online Services


HeartBeat is no doubt the best online service to analyze reports, dedicated both to single developers (Mini plan) and big companies (up to 20 apps, Pro plan). It has a great list of features,such as live usage stats,balances, crash reports and app trends. See screenshots below for more deatils.


HeartBeat (View full size)


HeartBeat (View full size)


HeartBeat (View full size)


HeartBeat (View full size)

All plans come with a 30 days free trial.


Still in private Beta.


Still in Beta, seems very similar to HeartBeat which, in my opinion, it's better, anyway.


Itunes Connect Scraper


App Daily Sales

Two python scripts to view iTunes Connect Data.

App Store Reports

Another little app, written in Php.

App Store Stats

View reports and formats them for Numbers and Excel.

Report Processor Droplet

A droplet to manage your text files.

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