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Rise Alarm Wakes You Up In Style - Review & Giveaway

iOS bugs aside, I’ve been using Apple’s default clock app for years to set my alarms, quick reminders and check on world’s time zones. Rise Alarm by Ken Yarmosh, though, is a nicer alternative to the Clock app, which comes with both an iPhone and iPad version and lots of options to choose from.

Rise Alarm sports a great design, a variety of sounds to customize the alarm clock experience and an intuitive user interface based on gestures. Can it replace the default Clock app?

Once you fire up Rise Alarm, you’ll be presented a beautiful vintage clock that picks the current time from the iPhone. From this main screen you can access other sections of the app with different gestures: you can swipe up to adjust the app’s brightness; swipe right to set a nap time; swipe left to set alarms and swipe down for settings. The app is meant to be running at any time on your iPhone – for instance, the possibility to adjust brightness settings is very welcome if you plan to use Rise Alarm at night, especially on the iPad. Sure, the app can work in the background and you don’t need to leave it open all the time – but you’ll want to. It’s beautiful to look at.

In the settings, in fact, you can select other built-in clock themes and sounds: I love the black clock with Japanese Sunrise as default sound. From this screen you can also check on the app’s overview (a tutorial that explains the gestures you can perform to activate the functionalities) and Rise Alarm’s website.

Back to the main screen, the nap time window lets you set a time from 10 to 60 minutes. The alarm interface offers more options, such as the possibility to choose a theme, sound, activate screen dim and snooze. The only thing I wish was possible in this first version? Go back to the main screen with a gesture, instead of tapping on a button. But I know Ken is already on it.

Rise Alarm is available in the App Store at $0.99 (iPhone version) or $1.99 (universal). With a beautiful interface and great sounds to wake up in style, Rise Alarm is the app you have to check out this week.

We also have 3 copies to give away. Check out the contest rules below.


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Rise Alarm Wakes You Up In Style - Review & Giveaway

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