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Pedometer++ Updated With Achievements and a Redesigned Widget

Pedometer++ 3.0 is here with new ways to motivate you to get moving and view your step counts. David Smith’s step counting app has been on the App Store since the introduction in 2013 of the iPhone’s M7 chip that collects motion data. Since then, Smith has continuously refined the app by enhancing visualizations of your step counts, adopting new technologies like the Apple Watch, and adding ways to motivate users like the delightful confetti that’s launched when you reach your step goal.

With version 3.0, Smith continues the evolution of Pedometer++ with the addition of achievements and a redesigned widget. Achievements are accessed by tapping the ribbon icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen. When a new achievement is unlocked, the icon shimmers with an eye-catching but subtle animation.

The achievements page includes badges for daily step totals, streaks, lifetime steps and floors, and special awards like ‘Perfect Month’ for hitting your step goal every day of a month. New achievements shimmer like the ribbon icon, and tapping on them flips the badge over to reveal details about when you met the goal and how many times you’ve accomplished it. Each section of achievements also lists your personal best for that category. Smith says he plans to add more achievements over time-based on feedback from users.

The Pedometer++ widget got a makeover for version 3.0 too. The collapsed view shows your number of steps, distance walked, and floors climbed. Expanding the widget adds an hour-by-hour bar graph that breaks down your steps for the current day – statistics that aren’t available in the main app.

I’ve used Pedometer++ since it was released in 2013. I don’t open it every day, but it’s served as a excellent benchmark for my day-to-day activity. I like the new achievements a lot. Not only do they add an extra sense of accomplishment when met, but they provide big picture insights like how often I’ve hit my goal.

Pedometer++ is a free, tip-jar-supported app and it’s the introduction of new features like these that I find to be the perfect time to leave a tip. Pedometer++ is available on the App Store.

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