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Notica: A Visual Database For The Most Important Things In Your Life

We love discovering and talking about new apps for the iPhone and iPad. In fact, we love covering apps so much that sometimes we feel a little guilty when we can’t seem to find the right app to feature on MS. This week though, also thanks to a huge Black Friday sale that kind of forced us to buy new apps, we’ve got plenty of material to feature.

Notica is a new iPhone app by Cleversome which aims at enabling you to collect the most important things, people and moments of your life inside a gorgeous and intuitive interface. Notica is a little, elegant app you might just fall in love with in a couple of minutes.

The main concept is, everything happens so fast in our lives it’s easy to get lost in information and checklists. It’s easy to miss that smile from your daughter and it’s easy to forget that nice grocery store just around the corner that had a sale yesterday. Moments, people, places, things – today’s accelerated culture leads us to forget stuff. Plain and simple. Notica wants to help you get ahold of the things you care about by letting you take notes and pictures of them just when you need to. It’s a simple, minimal and well-designed app that does one thing exceptionally well: it keeps your memories.

Notica is not a shopping list app, it’s not a note-taking tool – it isn’t an Evernote replacement either. It’s the app you come back to when you need to take a picture of that cool iPad stand you saw at the Apple Store, or that beautiful sunset at the lake. It’s not another photo sharing app, it’s your little personal database of memories. All of this is achieved through a main page containing all your groups (say “General” or “Shopping”) that can keep your notecards. Notecards are basically entries that can be made of a picture or a video, some notes, location info and a date. You can create a new notecard at any time within the app by pressing the compose button in the lower right corner. The UI is delicious and simple enough to keep you focused on what matters: entering details and attaching a photo.

Other features of the app include a search function that retrieves text in any notecard instantly, and the possibility to share notecards via email with your contacts. There’s no Twitter or Facebook support. No short URLs, no tweaking options. It’s all there, in the app, and it’s your call if this is something you’re ready to accept or not.

At $2.99 in the App Store, Notica isn’t your everyday Twitter client and it’s not an app for everyone. But if you’ve been looking for something just like this to fit into your daily lives, you have found your shiny and precious gem. Deeply and whole-heartedly recommended.

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