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Sintek Denies iMac Touch Rumors

A few days ago tech news website Digitimes reported that, according to their sources, Sintek Productions had already sent Apple some sample of a 20-inch capacitive touch screen to use in a future iteration of the iMac. Digitimes claimed:

Sintek Photronics has reportedly sent samples of projected capacitive touch panels to Apple to be incorporated in the latest iMac all-in-one (AIO) PC, according to industry sources.

The new iMac is rumored to have a good vertical and horizontal viewing angle, and its projected capacitive touch panel will adopt a one-glass solution, which integrates the touch sensor and cover glass, to reduce thickness and weight.

"Good viewing angle" aside (seriously, what does it mean), we've been hearing rumors about an "iMac Touch" for quite some months now. Many say that a hybrid OS X / iOS is in the future of Apple computers, I think it would make sense somehow. But anyway, we'll see - because with a new report this morning Digitimes is now claiming Syntek VP Barry Wu denied the rumors of last week:

Barry Wu, VP and spokesperson of Sintek Photronics has denied reports that the company is sampling projected capacitive touch panels for Apple's iMac.

So there you have it: it's the usual "scoop and deny" game. Just like the 11-inch MacBook Air, all we can do is wait. [via 9to5mac]