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Reuters: iPhone 5 In September, Looks Similar to iPhone 4

Following speculation and rumors in the past weeks that indicated Apple was not ready to announce and launch a new iPhone model in June, Reuters published a report last night claiming that, according to "three people with direct knowledge of the company's supply chain", the next-generation iPhone will ship in September with production starting in July / August.

Apple's next-generation iPhone will have a faster processor and will begin shipping in September, three people with direct knowledge of the company's supply chain said.

Reports on the timeline of the new iPhone launch vary, though it is largely expected that Apple will likely refresh its iPhone 4 later this year.

The sources declined to be identified because the plans for the new iPhone were not yet public. An Apple spokeswoman in Hong Kong was not available for comment.

Whilst Reuters' report doesn't provide new details on the iPhone 5 -- any different from what we've been hearing in the past months -- the publication directly mentions Largan Precision, Wintek and Foxconn as key suppliers for the new device's camera, screen and case, respectively. Reuters also reports the new iPhone will have a faster processor -- presumably the Apple A5, as previously reported -- and a design similar to the iPhone 4's one -- although it is not clear if Apple will adopt the same design but use different materials as a rumor suggested weeks ago. The iPhone 5 is also rumored to feature a bigger screen, as well as NFC capabilities and a new aluminum design with internal antenna.