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Pushpin 2.1 Adds iPad Support and Speed Enhancements



Pushpin already was my favorite Pinboard app on the iPhone: with a great 2.0 update that added a redesigned interface and saved feeds, Pushpin gained a spot on my Home screen as the app I would open to access the full Pinboard experience. From my review:

At $9.99, Pushpin 2.0 is a powerful Pinboard client for users who want to use Pinboard to add bookmarks, manage them, and discover new ones using the service’s (lightweight) social features. Pushpin 2.0 looks great on the Retina display, and new features like Saved Feeds, new tag filtering and suggestions, and improved web browsing strike a good balance between advanced functionality and general usability. Pushpin 2.0 can be used as your only Pinboard client on the iPhone, packing both management and browsing features, and I’m looking forward to an iPad version.

With last night’s 2.1 update, Pushpin is now optimized for the iPad and it looks just as good as the iPhone version. Navigation takes places in a main screen (not a sidebar) where you can find links to your bookmarks, community links, and saved feeds. The iPad version works out of the box with the URL scheme of the iPhone app, and the developer added support for opening links in Dolphin, which is a fine browser with direct Evernote integration (the best of its kind on the App Store).

Pushpin benefits from the increased space of the iPad’s larger screen. For one, it’s much nicer to open links in the app’s built-in web view, and tapping & holding links in the list view opens a popover that doesn’t take over the entire screen; from the popover, you can easily copy a URL, copy a link to your account, or save an item to your read later service of choice.

Alongside speed improvements and bug fixes, saved feeds have been enhanced with support for from: tags: by combining these with regular usernames and tags, you’ll be able to see, for instance, what a specific user has saved from email or Twitter favorites – the app’s changelog on iTunes contains the full list of supported from: tags for your perusal.

Pushpin is a powerful all-in-one Pinboard app, and with an iPad version I can now enjoy the same experience on all my devices (I would like the ability to sync saved feeds, though). You can get Pushpin at $9.99 on the App Store.

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