The annoying, indispensable and game-changing app

MANsaver: The iPhone App That Will Save Your Relationship

It is no secret that men usually forget about things. Especially if you’re married and you have to think about paying the bills, your job, kids and that car insurance that just won’t go away, it might happen to forget about your 4th anniversay, the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, or the anniversary of the day your first met with your wife. While girls seem to remember any kind of holiday, anniversary and important milestone with ease, guys…well, usually just forget. And if your relationship is anything like mine, you know this could become a problem. Like, a huge problem.

Now, for as silly as it sounds, we there’s an app for that. MANsaver, a free iPhone app by Oven Bits and Creation Code, is aimed at collecting all these kinds of holidays and anniversaries you should remember into a single list view that – and here comes the real trick – will also send you notifications five days ahead of a scheduled event, and on the same day as well. This app, also nicely designed, is literally a man saver: it allows you to build custom lists of dates based on your relationship, set up reminders and even send text messages based on “romantic templates”. This is an iPhone geek’s relationship-oriented OmniFocus, basically.

The description of the app is as crazy as the concept itself:

The app that makes dating and marriage easy for guys. Sawing timber, domesticating lions and scaling Everest vicariously are more important things for men to be doing than trying to remember a plethora of relational dates.

You’ll make Romeo look like a chump! Every relational date comes with push notification reminders 5 days before as well as the day of. In addition to that, MANsaver hooks you up with sentimental text message drafts, creative date scenarios and sweet gift ideas.

All you have to do is enter your relationship status (dating or married) and let the app take care of default holidays and milestones for you. Alternatively, you can enter your personal dates so your girlfriend or wife won’t get mad at you for the forgotten anniversary (my advice: you should really remember your anniversary even without the help of an iPhone app).

MANsaver is free in the App Store, and while it’s a little bit hilarious as a concept, it does solve a problem men have come to struggle with over the years. So do this: download the app, put it in a secret folder on your iPhone and let it help you along the way.

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