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iPhone 5 To Have NFC, Says Person Who Knows A Man With A Friend Who Works At Apple

The iPhone 5 will feature NFC capabilities. The iPhone 5 won't have NFC. The iPhone will indeed feature NFC, according to people familiar with the matter. That is, if you follow the Apple rumor mill you might have heard stories like these in the past months.

But the latest rumor posted by Business Insider is just so good and confusing at the same time that I could not post it here, for the sake of reference and sarcasm. Who knows, perhaps this person familiar with Apple's plans may be right. Or not. But how familiar anyway?

If meeting with an entrepreneur who says iPhone 5 will have NFC because a friend who works at Apple said so is enough for you, there you have it. According to a tweet from Forbes reporter Elizabeth Woyke, that's what the next-generation iPhone will do: magical near-field communication. Take it with a (huge) grain of salt, of course.

If I were to look deeper into this tweet and over-contextualize it, I'd say Woyke herself doesn't quite believe the story, too. In fact, she said "Huh".

For what it's worth, several reports in the past suggested the iPhone 5 would come with NFC capabilities, although recent rumors dismissed those reports. Furthermore, a European carrier even mentioned an iPhone with NFC in a slide used at a press conference weeks ago.

Rumors are floating around about this iPhone 5 with NFC, and at this point it is unclear whether or not the device will have such a feature. Personally, I just wish there was a BlackBerry PlayBook reference in that tweet.