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Google Translate for iOS Updated with iPad Support

Previously available exclusively for iPhone and iPod touch owners, earlier today Google updated its official Google Translate iOS app to include a native interface for the iPad. The updated Google Translate, available here, heavily resembles its iPhone counterpart with larger interface elements ported to the iPad's screen -- there are three tabs at the bottom to switch between translations, favorite items and Settings, a microphone icon to speak directly into the device's mic, and you can choose between multiple languages from a popover menu.

Unlike the surprisingly refreshing (for Google's iOS standards) Google Search app, it appears Google Translate didn't receive any particular iPad treatment in the conversion process.

Among the lesser known features of the app, you can specify input for English, Chinese and Spanish languages, display translations in full-screen mode, and tap on results for text-to-speech.

Google Translate 1.3 (changelog simply reads "Added support for iPad") is available for free on the App Store.