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Google Books for iOS Update: Landscape Reading, Faster

Released in December for iPhone and iPad users, the official Google Books app was very promising as it gave everyone access to Google’s 2 million book catalogue, with the possibility to download books locally and read them on-device. The app, however, sported some pretty bad UI inconsistencies and user experience issues, such as the impossibility to read in landscape mode on the iPad or several bugs that turned many users into frustrated readers that had to deal with an unstable and slow app.

Google wants to change this today with a major update to Google Books for iOS that introduces landscape reading on the iPad, a "find" feature that shows matches for a specific keyword as you scroll down the book and a useful "Get eBooks" button that will automatically sign you into the Google eBookstore with the same username you used to log into the app.  The app is now faster, bugs have been fixed and the iPad on iOS 4.3 also gets a nice 3D page curling effect. Google claims they have improved the book downloading experience, too, as well as the whole responsiveness of the app.

If you're a Google Books user, you can find the app here. The update is propagating in the iTunes Store now.