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Apple’s Furthest-North Store To Open in Anchorage, Alaska

ifoAppleStore reports Apple will open a new Store in Anchorage, Alaska in September, making it the furthest-north Apple Store for months and years to come. The report comes after a job listing on Apple's website that suggests the company is looking for retail staff in the Fifth Avenue Mall (Anchorage) location. The store, reportedly in construction at the second floor or the mall in a space left by Eddie Bauer at the end of January, will become the most-northern Apple retail store at 61° north latitude, 20 miles south of the Arctic Circle.

The website also notes the new Store will be geographically located "above" the current most-northern Aberdeen store in Scotland and any Scandinavian city that might be chosen by Apple in the future. That's quite an interesting detail to share and, why not, it's also pretty cool. Apple is also rumored to use other spaces in the mall for stock, offices and Genius rooms, although no official construction plans have surfaced at this point.