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Apple Promotes Sticker Packs with New Video

Apple released another installment in its iPhone 7 ‘practically magic’ video series today that celebrates stickers. The spot, called ‘Sticker Fight’ pulls sticker packs out of the Messages app and into the physical world. Set to a single by The Monks called ‘Boys are Boys and Girls are Choice,’ which has a fantastic 60s-style beat, the video features a sticker fight that breaks out across a city with people slapping stickers on each other and practically everything else in the landscape.

Sticker Fight perfectly captures the fun of sticker packs. Every week as we put together the Club MacStories Weekly newsletter, which includes a section called ‘The Album’ highlighting our favorite sticker packs, a sticker fight invariably breaks out as we test them out on each other and other friends. It’s great to see Apple bringing stickers to life and highlighting the iOS 10 feature because they are exactly as depicted, a playful addition to any conversation that often says more in a single sticker than you could ever convey with text.

I’m also impressed by the breadth and depth of the stickers chosen for Apple’s video, which includes 50 different sticker packs drawn from every corner of the iMessage App Store. There are big-name sticker packs like Disney’s Minnie Mouse and Kimoji, but there are just as many fantastic packs from indie artists like MarcyMoji, which we covered previously and The Iconfactory’s Route 66 Stickers, as well as wonderfully weird packs like Shark Head and Nyan Cat.

Here’s a complete list of the 50 sticker packs that appear in ‘Sticker Fight,’ which also has a dedicated page on the App Store.

  • Imoji
  • So Me
  • MarcyMoji By Andrew WILLIAMS
  • Pop Art Collection
  • Essential Stickers by MojiMade
  • Weirdos
  • WSHH Stickers
  • CoachMoji
  • Eat Stuff
  • Jeremyville By Stickpax
  • Major Lazer Stickers
  • Marvel Items of Power
  • Real NYC Stickers
  • Breakfast Stickles
  • Care Bear Rainbows
  • Ellen’s Emoji Exploji
  • Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff
  • Heavy Metal Stickers by Team Rock
  • Iconfactory Route 66 Stickers
  • Kawaii Sushi
  • Kimoji Stickers - Launch Pack
  • Marc Johns By Stickapax
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • South Park
  • Cartoon Comics
  • Cat Stamp
  • Classic Sonic
  • Disney Stickers (Mickey & Friends)
  • DreamWorks Trolls 3D Animated Stickers
  • Garfield Emojis Stickers
  • Germany Sticker Pack by Henry Glendening
  • Halo Stickers
  • Harry Dude
  • Hello Kitty
  • Jordan Keyboard
  • Medieval Monsters
  • Meet the Pink Panther
  • Movesum - Step Counter by Lifesum AB
  • Musicomics by Getty Images Inc
  • Nyan Cat: Lost in Space
  • PBS
  • Popeye “I Yam What I Yam”
  • Power Rangers
  • Powerpuff Girls (Fun PPG Sticker Sampler Pack)
  • Ramen Sticker Pack
  • Shark Head
  • Slicker Stickers
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  • Wurps like Words but Better
  • Zoodles

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